How can mHealth Applications be Revolutionary in MENA Countries?

How can mHealth Applications be Revolutionary in MENA Countries?


Most of the MENA region is laden with fragility, conflict, and disturbances, creating a gap in healthcare provision and facilities. The increased violence in a few Middle Eastern and North African regions has created a void too. These are a few top challenges healthcare service providers face when they visit the conflicted-prone MENA regions. In this situation, the mHealth application is the one that can help you with facing major healthcare challenges easily. Mobile health apps have become the biggest game changer by introducing innovative healthcare methods like telemedicine, diagnosis through AI, etc. The biggest impact of technology in healthcare is that it solves the varying issues by providing concrete healthcare solutions.

Virtual Outpatient Clinic SEHA clocked almost 570,355 telemedicine appointments in 2021. It also helps overseas patients through one of the popular mHealth Apps. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company or SEHA telemedicine has bridged the gap between healthcare service providers and overseas patients. It is becoming the popular choice for medical tourism. Abu Dhabi was ranked the 8th best global destination for medical tourism. 

SEHA is not only dealing with the healthcare challenges in the Middle East but is helping people globally access the country’s best healthcare system. Around 50,000 virtual consultants are providing healthcare advice round the clock. The healthcare professionals at SEHA have also launched special telemedicine services for psychiatric patients. Telemedicine works wonders as one of the hospitals, namely Tawam Hospital, completed the minimum invasive spinal surgery on one of the overseas medical patients. 

With the help of healthcare application development professionals, access to telemedicine services in Abu Dhabi has become quite easier. By getting the surgeries done at the right time, the patients are getting a normal and pain-free life. Moreover, the highly qualified doctors and their teams are doing wonders not only in the case of spinal surgery but by caring for the patient’s mental health in the Middle East too.

Source: Gulf News UAE

Analyzing mHealth Application Statistics that Speaks Volume in the MENA Region

The survey by Yahoo Finance states mHealth apps and the global healthcare ecosystem market will reach $57.57 billion by 2026. It will grow at a CAGR of 21.1% during the forecast period between 2019 to 2026. 

95% of the process has witnessed risk and mitigation. However, the healthcare industry challenges are being reduced by using mobile health services and advanced technologies like AI, ML, etc. MHealth is being supported now in Middle Eastern countries with special emphasis on hiring the best product engineering solutions and services providers for overall digital transformation. The newer technologies are taking care of monitoring the patients’ conditions and working on providing them with the best healthcare services. 

The Gulf Business presents an astonishing report on healthcare data analytics challenges and how the digital revolution will shape the healthcare sector in the Middle East. Healthcare organizations are working towards catering to the challenges by managing the healthcare cost. 

By 2050, healthcare expenses will reach 13% of the GDP in the OECD countries. However, the digital transformation process will help with managing the cost curve. Introducing telemedicine and innovative e-services would help access patients virtually and benefit them with telemedicine services.

The global mHealth app market will be valued at $43.5 billion in 2022 and grow at a CAGR of 11.6% from 2023 to 2030. Even the growing use of the smartphone and internet will lead to tackling the challenges faced by healthcare companies


Healthcare Challenges And Opportunities Addressed By mHealth Apps In MENA Region

The healthcare industry has to address major healthcare challenges in UAE, other Middle Eastern regions, and North African countries. The following are the main challenges faced in the MENA region.

The biggest challenge in healthcare is that people living in terrorist-torn regions face mental health risks. The infrastructural meltdown has posed many health challenges to the people.

  • Another significant challenge to healthcare systems is insufficient government institutions to cater to patients. Even lack of anticipated support and time-consuming tasks have diminished the healthcare facility.
  • Healthcare companies need help maintaining real-time coordination and information exchange between healthcare institutes. 

However, these problems in the healthcare sector of the MENA region can be sorted through the mHealth apps. A popular healthcare app development company makes it a point to provide workable and efficient apps. 

Benefits of Having mHealth Apps

  • Clear clinical diagnosis can be provided through telemedicine.
  • mHealth apps, along with modern technologies, help with healthcare cybersecurity. It safeguards the patient’s data that only concerned healthcare professionals can access.
  • These mHealth apps also help patients to assess their medical conditions like stress, mental health, diabetes, heart rate, cholesterol, etc.
  • Mobile health communication will help provide access and improve healthcare quality in medically deprived and rural areas. mHealth is rapidly emerging in third-world countries too. 
  • Healthcare enterprises and patients can connect through considerable, authorized apps and digital software programs.

Get the Best Healthcare Software Solutions from Experts!

The healthcare sector in the MENA region still needs to improve to make its mark in the global medical health industry. Patients can access good medical care in a few regions of the Middle East, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. With the use of mHealth applications, the challenges of the medical sector can be minimized. The healthcare institutes can partner with software product engineering company, Tntra to empower themselves. We will help you digitally transform to provide mobile health services and custom telemedicine service apps.

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