How Metaschool, a Web3 ed-tech, has helped over 130K blockchain developers 

Metaschool - Web3 ed-tech

As of 2022, the Web3 market size is $2.2 billion. Forecasts show that it will grow to $81.9 billion by 2032. It is not just a new face of the internet; it is also the name of revamping the industrial sector as a whole. From healthcare to real estate to supply chain to education, Web3 is constantly growing and burgeoning to turn every sector efficient, secure and consumer-centric. Hence, the creation of more jobs, opportunities and the betterment of lives. 

Different Web3 learning platforms are regularly striving to educate as many people as they can so that they can bring about this change rapidly and swiftly. One such startup is the Singapore-based Metaschool which has truly embraced the mission of changing lives for the better by helping developers from around the world with their free Web3 courses.

Metaschool’s Vision

Founded in early 2022, Metaschool has always believed itself to be a people’s platform. Based on the feedback from existing users and market research, it has successfully created over 25 courses across 13 different blockchain platforms such as Tazos, Aptos, Q Blockchain, Avalanche, etc. Each course digs into the core of a specific blockchain to assist a user in getting hands-on understanding and experience of working on the said blockchain.

Metaschool’s vision is to facilitate individuals’ Web3 journeys via its very own platform. For example, it has recently grown its online presence and taken it to great heights with hundreds of members, fostering an environment of uplifting and guiding fellow developers. Moreover, it is not just the Web3 courses and the inclusive helpful online community, it is also other ventures such as the Metaschool Nodes Program, an ambassador program which aims to guide and help young college-level Web3 enthusiasts pave their career trajectories, and Humans of Web3, a flagship initiative that gives exclusive coverage to inspiring Web3 stories to motivate others. 

Thus, the vision has always been to further the narrative that Web3 education is important, it matters and it must be promoted. What fuels this vision and makes it stronger is facilitating young developers to grow, bring out the change they want to see in themselves and in their surroundings by leveraging Web3 to the max. 

Metaschool’s Planned Achievements

Today, some of the highest paid jobs in the world are those of Web3. A blockchain developer can easily earn $90,000 and $200,000 annually. Moreover, cryptocurrency analysis and auditors can also make up to $150,000. 

Since its early days, Metaschool started seeing the immense potential within the Web3 ecosystem. The platform realized that channeling this potential can change millions of lives. The Web3 industry is not going anywhere. If anything, its core features, trustlessness and immutability, are too difficult to let go of. They add to the efficiency of an organization/sector, perfect it and make it more scalable. 

As a result, Metaschool started to create both complex and basic level courses keeping in mind the audience. What the platform wants to achieve is to have as many Metaschool graduates as there can be who can then empower themselves, the communities and fix the problems within the Web2 ecosystem by using Web3.

Metaschool’s 130K+ developers

As recently as a few months back, Metaschool crossed its 130K developers mark and established itself as one of the top names in Web3 education. Many of these proud users of Metaschool are based in different places and many have figured out their learning paths to master Web3. 

How has Metaschool been able to do all this? Well, there are multiple important factors that have allowed the platform to be easy, smooth and seamless to use, resulting in excellent learning outcomes. 

Firstly, most of the courses on the Metaschool platform are unpaid. In fact, one of their soon-to-be-launched projects, build a GamerDAO on Q, is actually paying users to complete the course. Over a 1,000 developers have signed up to the waitlist and they are all awaiting to win from a prize pot of $6000.

Secondly, from start to finish, the platform is completely gamified. The users get NFTs on the completion of a course along with hundreds of experience points (XPs) and streaks which make a user noticeable within the platform, increasing their chances of mingling with the platform, and subsequently more networking opportunities. At the same time, the courses are hands-on, full of latest knowledge and assignment-based with the average duration of 4 hours across the different blockchains.

Thirdly, the platform is rapidly making long strides on the path of Web3 with respect to increasing the overall user experience, ensuring efficient and timely communication with the users, NFTs and pot prizes as rewards, etc. The fact that the platform is constantly evolving is enough to show that it has much bigger plans for the Web3 community in the future.

In conclusion

Metaschool, a Web3 ed-tech, came to the scene when there were barely any ed-tech platforms with free courses on various blockchain platforms. It has become the first ed-tech with over 25 courses across 13 blockchain platforms. Its free Web3 courses, rewards and pot prizes to facilitate Web2 developers to achieve their Web3 dreams have been completed by over 130K developers. Do you want to be one of them? Sign up today! 

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