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How Merali Media is Helping Real Estate Agents Skyrocket Their Careers

It’s a goal of almost every Real Estate agent to have a stable income and a foundation of savings to live a comfortable life. The desire to create wealth drives many agents to take on a career in which less than 15 percent succeed. The real estate industry is  becoming more and more competitive every single day, but those who are successful in it are rewarded with immense wealth and happiness. With the industry becoming more and more competitive, agents must look to stay ahead of the pact, via marketing to increase lead flow and success rate. This is where Merali Media comes in.

Merali Media, is a marketing company helping Real Estate Agents enhance their success in the field. With years of experience in marketing and assisting real estate professionals, Merali Media believes there are many benefits of investing into marketing as a Real Estate Agent. These include a consistent flow of quality sellers and buyers, loads of experience for the agent and a promising way to stay ahead of agents who are not investing into marketing. Merali Media also believes that investing into marketing as a real Estate Agent is a must in order to grow and completely dominate your area and the other agents around you. 

Merali Media started in this niche when the founders were contacted several times to work with local businesses to assist them in getting more customers after their eCommerce success. Merali Media’s founders realized after working with a few of them that they could generate a great return for real estate agents and chose to convert from primarily running eCommerce businesses to producing leads and appointments for regular real estate agents.

Since then, Merali Media has clocked significant success levels, including making over 75 million home transactions for their clients.The company has worked with well over 1000 realtors in North America, helping them grow their real estate businesses.

Their success is attributed to their unique work strategies as they practice what they preach. The company also leverages its marketing background to advertise its services on all the same platforms that they advise real estate agents to advertise on to get clients. This includes advertising on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Merali Media  offers a full service of lead generation and appointment setting, so it is completely hands off for the real estate agent.According to the company leadership, generating a lead is only the first step. They take the time to reach out to every lead within five minutes to qualify them and set an appointment with the qualified ones.

“We have helped 40-year veterans as well as agents who are completely brand new. We help real estate agents close more clients and make more money so they can live better lives,” Zahid Merali explains. With a proven track record and numerous successful clients to vouch for them, agents can rest assured that with Merali Media heading their marketing they’re in good hands. 



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