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How many Types of BSc Degrees are There?

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) is an undergraduate program in leading science streams. The degree spans three years and covers all aspects of the chosen field of study. BSc is one of the most popular science degrees in India. Lakhs of students enrol for the course every year. The bachelor’s degree is succeeded by either a master’s degree (MSc) or a career in the field of graduation. Let’s learn more about this!


Table of Contents

  • BSc Overview
  • Leading types of BSc degrees 
  • Career Scope of BSc 
  • Best Colleges in Raipur, Chhattisgarh 
  • Summing Up 
  • FAQ


BSc Overview

B.Sc is the most common bachelor’s degree in science. It is designed for 10+2 passouts. The course is covered over the span of three years and six semesters. The first year focuses on the fundamentals of science, and the next two delve into the specializations. B.Sc is the perfect preset for further career steps such as a master’s degree or a career in the field. Unlike other technical degrees, B.Sc is readily available across the nation, and nearly every university offers the course. It costs somewhere around INR 20,000 – INR 2,00,000, which makes it a rather affordable science degree in India. 

There are more than 40 types of B.Sc degrees. Let’s learn about the top nine leading B.Sc degrees in India:

Leading types of B.Sc Degrees 

  1. BSc Physics

    BSc physics is the concentrated study of the fundamentals of physics and its areas of impact. The degree covers the essential topics of physics, including electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, optics, calculus, semiconductors, statistics, waves, etc. The admission into the course is merit-based, and the leading B.Sc colleges in Raipur accepts students with 10+2 certification (Maths and Physics as main subjects). 
  2. BSc Computer Science

    BSc Computer Science deals with topics related to computer application, computer science, and other branches of the course. It is the best option for students who wish to enter and have a quality education in the field of computer science but don’t want to opt for B.Tech or engineering.  
  3. BSc Geography

    BSc Geography focuses on the Earth and its climate, streams, soil, and landforms. Geography graduates are eligible for jobs in both the public and private sectors. Some high-paying jobs after the degree include environmental consultant, town planner, conservation officer, teacher, and landscape architect.  
  4. BSc Biology

    BSc Biology focuses on the biological systems, organisms, and things that are derived from them. It is a coherent study of biology and the admission is exclusive to students with Biology as their primary subject in 10+2. This is one of the high-paying fields and an excellent undergraduate degree for those interested in a career in biology. Many bio labs, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnologies hire BSc biology grads. 
  5. BSc Hotel Management

    BSc in Hotel Management is an exclusive program on the incorporation, operation, and management of hotels and the hospitality industry. It levels every other hotel management course in terms of education and practical experience. The travel and tourism industry is the main hiring force for BSc hotel management graduates. 
  6. BSc Applied Chemistry

    BSc Applied Chemistry focuses on the fundamentals of industrial chemistry. The main topics include inorganic and organic chemistry, composition, properties, and structure of substances. The main recruiters in this field are pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics, drug manufacturing, and bio-labs.  
  7. BSc Clinical Nutrition

    BSc in Clinical Nutrition delves into the scientific understanding of nutrition, food, patient care, and clinical nutrition. The course aims to help students to get a better understanding of the food we eat, and is mostly undertaken by those interested in a career in nutrition, food health, diet plans, and fitness.  
  8. BSc Economics

    BSc economics is the study of undergraduate economic theory and the laws of modern economics. The degree also covers crucial topics such as recession, global development, recession, unemployment, and sustainable development. It is one of the best and most lucrative BSc courses ever, with great avenues of employment across all industries.  
  9. BSc Physical Education
    BSc Physical Education is an exclusive study of sports, fitness, physical studies, and the importance of physical activity. It is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a scientific angle. The course is gaining popularity right now, because of the general public’s rise in health consciousness. 

Best Bsc Colleges in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Kalinga University is best known as the most popular university in Chhattisgarh. Kalinga University offers exclusive BSc degrees in leading courses. It is imparted by the special department of science which strengthens curriculum innovations, practical projects, organizing seminars, consultancy, and development efforts. The specially trained faculty offers state-of-the-art research to Ph.D. and M.Sc students, who revise and update the syllabus routinely. The students also get a chance to build practical skills through projects, live discussions, and initiatives for students. 

Summing Up

BSc is a transformative degree program and a significant step towards building a strong and stable career in fields pertaining to various sciences. There are many types of BSc career programs that can be picked by you, as it all depends on the kind of career you are envisioning. Along with the study of science, you also get to learn many soft skills such as communication, research, reasoning, report writing, time management, and organization skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the scope of the BSc degree?

    A BSc degree opens you up to a host of new opportunities in your field. You are eligible for entry-level jobs such as research scientist, assistant professional, lab technician, journalist, assistant professor, etc.
  2. What is the highest paying field of BSc?

    The BSc degrees yielding the highest-paying jobs are in biochemistry, agriculture, computer science, information technology, and biotechnology. 
  3. Is a Bachelor of Science difficult?

    Science degrees are difficult, as it is an introduction to a new and developing field of education. BSc has varying levels of difficulty, and it depends on the field you choose and your educational background. 
  4. How many types of BSc degrees are there?

    Kalinga University offers 17 BSc degrees in leading technical and non-technical streams. The wide assortment includes Biotechnology, biochemistry, bio informative, bioinformatics, yoga, forensic science, microbiology, and library science. 


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