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How Many Directions Does CCIE Include?


Network engineers who want to apply for CCIE certification feel hesitant about choose the direction. Today, SPOTO will introduce to you how many directions CCIE has.

Cisco certification program includes following directions: CCIE Routing & Switching; CCIE Collaboration or voice; CCIE Data Center; CCIE Security; CCIE Service Provider; CCIE Wireless.

How do network engineers make a choice from so many directions? Next, SPOTO will talk about the level that network engineers can achieve after learning these directions.

By learning CCIE Routing and Switching direction, candidates can have the expert skills required for planning, preparation, operation, monitoring and troubleshooting of complex aggregation networks. To get CCIE certificate, you need to pass the theoretical written exam and lab experiment exam.

1) CCIE Cisco Security Direction

The theoretical written exam of CCIE Cisco Security requires you to understand the needs of network security and how different security components operate with each other, and translate this into device configuration language. Through learning CCIE SEC, you can master how to describe, design, execute, operate and troubleshoot complex security technologies and solutions.

2) CCIE Cisco Data Center Direction

By learning the content of Cisco Data Center, you can have the expertise and skills required to plan, design, implement and manage complex modern IT Data Center infrastructure. Version 2.0 includes certification for policy driven infrastructure, advanced virtualization, data center automation, and choreography.

3) CCIE Service Provider Direction

Passing expert certification of Cisco Service Provider, we can have a thorough understanding of IP core layer, convergence layer and edge layer, remote access technology, layer 2 and layer 3 VPN plus IP core network management service traversal. At the same time, we can have the expert level skills to configure, build, debug and optimize the next generation of IP core infrastructure of complex and highly available service providers.

4) CCIE Cisco Collaboration Direction

After you pass the Collaboration certification, you can understand how to deploy collaborative systems and services to improve the efficiency of users. In turn, you can improve the customer experience through a practical and vulnerability-free user experience. You can also have the expert skills needed to design, implement and troubleshoot complex assistance solutions (including voice, video, instant messaging, telepresence and call center).

5) CCIE Cisco Wireless Direction

Passing Cisco Wireless certification, you can have the expertise in designing and managing wireless networks and making key tasks and business decisions, and also have the expert level knowledge and skills required to build an extensible enterprise wireless LAN.

6) CCIE Cisco Routing and Switching Direction

Among CCIE’s many directions, 80% certificates choose CCIE Routing and Switching direction, because CCIE’s Routing and Switching direction is the basis of the network and the first CCIE direction chosen by many network engineers. In addition, the data center direction and security direction are also popular in Cisco certification.

According to the latest news, Cisco would release the new certification system on February 24, 2020, and there are certain adjustments in the directions. You can consult the relevant content on the official website of SPOTO.

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