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How Managed IT Assistance Helps Improve Your Business

Many business owners are searching for ways to make their company more successful. One of the best ways to do this is by outsourcing IT needs. This can reduce the strain on your staff and help you save money in the process. This blog post will discuss how managed IT assistance services can improve your profitability!

1) Improved Productivity

Productivity is the primary goal of every business. When you lose productivity, your employees’ time is wasted, and so are their wages. Managed IT assistance can help improve employee efficiency by helping them to work faster and smarter with less downtime due to technical problems or malfunctions.

In addition, Managed IT assistance allows you to focus on the development and marketing of your business rather than having to spend all of your time managing an unruly technology.

2) Lower Downtimes

In LA, we have the fastest internet speeds in America. The average downtime for a small business is about 39 hours each year, and this number jumps to 99 hours per year when dealing with a national outage of any kind. Downtimes like these can be costly if they affect your company’s financial lifeline, but with LA managed IT services, you can avoid interruptions altogether by turning to expert technicians that offer 24-hour monitoring and proactive maintenance. The company you choose should offer various services that meet your needs, such as remote backup and disaster recovery assistance.

3) Data Security

Hackers are everywhere, and they’re getting more sophisticated. They can intercept data from business networks through wifi or physical connections to laptops on the go.

To protect your organization’s sensitive information, you have two options:

  • Implement an antivirus software solution in all devices connected to your network (servers, PCs, tablets). This is a good first step because it prevents malware infection, but hackers might still bypass this prevention system and steal company information.
  • Consider hiring IT support professionals for monitoring purposes of what you can call “endpoints,” which are devices with internet access. 
  • The third option would be looking into cloud-based security services like Trend Micro OfficeScan™ Server Edition, which monitors traffic between endpoints.

This last option is more reliable than the other two because it can detect and block cyber attacks that antivirus software cannot see. It also provides detailed reporting of all activities on your network, such as if any unauthorized access to PCs or servers has occurred without being detected by you or your IT team.

The main advantage of managed services in terms of data security is their ability to stop incoming threats before they contact endpoints and compromise company information.

All these benefits are provided at an affordable price point, making them the best choice for ensuring data protection against hackers.

4) Lowers Cost

Dealing with tech issues on your own takes time and resources, ultimately impacting the bottom line. By outsourcing IT support to a provider, you’re not only freeing up those hours of productivity but also lowering costs related to equipment and software upgrades.

Maintaining an in-house team for routine tasks is often expensive due to benefits packages and other hidden expenses that don’t show up until later on down the road. A large company might be able to justify these higher costs when they have hundreds or thousands of employees. However, small businesses with three or fewer people typically see no return from their investment either financially or operationally because IT needs are so specific to individual companies based on industry type and size.

The most cost-effective way would be to deliver services remotely through a Managed IT Service Provider, the most popular option for small businesses and nonprofits.

5) Peace of Mind

Running a business

Running a business, whether a small startup or an established corporation, is time-consuming and challenging. Between running the business itself, managing employees, and dealing with day-to-day crises in any organization, there are many potential distractions for entrepreneurs who could be focusing on making their company more profitable. Add to this mix the need to maintain technology systems like computers, servers, printers, etc. This can take up hours of valuable time every week when done manually by someone unfamiliar with how these systems work.

Protecting your hard-earned assets from hackers makes it even more essential today than ever before for businesses to have access to managed IT support services because they offer peace of mind in terms of knowing that help will always be available if needed – plus you get all the benefits of having a professional take care of your IT needs.

Managed IT services can be the difference between having time to get back on your feet and struggling to stay afloat. The benefits of outsourcing your IT needs are numerous. By reading through this blog post, you will find some insight into the benefits of managed IT assistance services.

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