How Long Should You Stay in a Portable Sauna?

Portable Sauna

As more people add portable infrared saunas into their wellness routines, one of the most common questions becomes: how long is optimal to stay in the sauna? While there is no universal ideal duration, finding your “just right” session length is key. Staying too short of a time won’t trigger full benefits, but excessive lengths can lead to dehydration and fatigue.

Portable saunas can be perfect for perfect for on the go, but it’s important to discover your sauna sweet spot by understanding the factors that go into determining the ideal time in the box.

Why Duration Matters

First, it’s helpful to know why sauna length is important. The potential benefits of infrared therapy – like detoxification, cardiovascular improvement, and pain relief – take time to fully activate. When you first enter the sauna, it takes roughly 15 minutes for your core temperature to reach the level needed to induce profuse sweating. This deep sweat response is crucial for flushing toxins and releasing endorphins. At the same time, overly long sessions can overheat your system and cause side effects. Finding the right duration allows you to maximize all the gains without adverse effects.

Key Variables to Consider

Because we all respond to heat uniquely, there is no one-size-fits-all sauna session duration. The “just right” length for you depends on factors like:

– Your fitness level – The more active you are, the longer you can handle- Any health conditions – Issues like high blood pressure limit heat tolerance – Type of sauna – Near-infrared penetrates skin differently than far- Temperature setting – Sessions are shorter at highest heat settings- Outside temperature/humidity – Hotter, stickier days impact heat tolerance- Hydration levels – Well-hydrated bodies handle heat better

Due to all these variables, listening to your body is the best gauge for discovering your optimal session time. Pay attention to how you feel at different durations. Let your energy levels and sweat response help guide you.

General Duration Recommendations

Bearing the above factors in mind, sauna manufacturers and wellness experts offer general time recommendations:

– Beginners: 10-15 minutes- Intermediate: 15-30 minutes – Advanced: 30-45 minutes- Max per session: 45 minutes

Start on the conservative side when first using your sauna. Monitor your comfort level and ramp up duration slowly to avoid overheating. Be sure to drink plenty of electrolyte-rich fluids before and after sessions. As your body adapts over weeks of consistent use, you can increase time in the sauna. But don’t force longer durations if your body isn’t ready.

Listen and Respond to Your Body

Paying attention to your body’s signals is key to determining optimal portable sauna session length. Be on the lookout for these signs it may be time to end your session:


  • Sign of low blood pressure from overheating
  • This can lead to more serious heat exhaustion if you don’t exist
  • Dizziness is an early red flag – don’t ignore it


  • Often accompanies dizziness as a symptom of heat stress
  • An indicator that your core body temp is rising unsafely high
  • Step out and take a break to let the nausea subside


  • Dehydration is a common cause of sauna headaches
  • Can also result from restricted blood flow from high heat
  • Either way, a headache warrants ending the session

Rapid/Pounding Heart Rate

  • Excessive rise in heart rate shows cardiovascular strain
  • Use a heart rate monitor to track – aim to stay under 140 bpm
  • Let your heart rate normalize before resuming sauna use

Muscle Weakness

  • Diminished strength signals loss of electrolytes like magnesium
  • Can also arise from dehydration and low blood pressure
  • It’s the body’s way of urging you to replenish lost fluids

Insufficient Ongoing Sweat

  • Sweating that stops mid-session points to dehydration
  • Lost fluids mean your body can’t thermoregulate through sweat
  • Time to rehydrate before attempting longer sessions

Trust these signals from your body. They indicate it’s time to take a break and recover. Listen closely to each session and let your comfort guide the session length.

Be Patient and Experiment

When starting out, don’t worry if you can hardly make it 10 minutes! As your cardiovascular fitness and heat adaptation improves, you’ll build endurance. Have patience with yourself and your progress. Simply commit to showing up and experimenting. With regular use, you’ll discover your sauna sweet spot – the Goldilocks zone where you glean all the benefits with none of the unpleasant side effects.

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