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How Long Does the Window Tint Last for Cars?

Did you know that 99% of UV rays and about 43% of heat are blocked by automobile window tint?

Car window tinting is a popular upgrade among car owners for various reasons. Window tinting can offer privacy, reduce heat, glare, and UV rays, and improve the aesthetics of your vehicle.

But many car owners wonder how long their vehicle’s window tinting will last before needing to be replaced. In this blog post, we will explore the lifespan of car window tinting in Manchester and what factors can affect its durability.

Whether you’re considering getting your windows tinted or have already done so, this post will provide valuable insights into how to maintain your tinted windows and ensure they last as long as possible.

What Influences Your Car Window Tinting?

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it is a truth that car window tint makes your vehicle appear good. Tinting your car’s windows is an easy, cost-effective, and fashionable way to make it look better.

Here are some important factors that will affect how long your car window tinting lasts.

1.   Quality of The Tint 

While several factors can impact the lifespan of window tinting, the two most significant determinants are the quality of the tinting product and the type of tint used.

Using high-quality tinting products and materials can significantly extend the lifespan of the window tint, ensuring it lasts for years to come. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise the quality of materials used during installation to maximise the durability of the tinted windows.

The typical tint film has a lifespan of up to five years. There are, however, films that cost more and are of greater quality. Among them are items made of metal, ceramic, and better polyester that can endure up to 10 or even 15 years.

2.   Installation 

The longevity of your car’s window tint can be influenced by the quality of work provided by the tinting service provider. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable and skilled professional to ensure that the tint is installed correctly and with attention to detail, ultimately maximising the lifespan of the tinted windows.

Prior to choosing an automobile customization business for your car, it is important to conduct thorough research to identify reputable, reliable, and experienced service providers, who have established their value in the industry. It is crucial to verify their track record of success in the field to ensure they have a proven record of delivering high-quality services.

Opting for such businesses significantly minimises the risk of any potential issues arising from subpar installations in the future. Taking the time to select a reputable service provider can provide peace of mind and ensure that your car receives the best possible care and customization.

3.   Maintenance 

If you want your tint to last, maintenance and upkeep should be one of your top priorities. Here are some things to think about if you want to preserve the quality of your car’s window tint.

Remaining patient and avoiding washing your newly tinted windows immediately after installation is crucial. So, how long does window tint take to dry?

Once your car’s windows have been tinted, it’s important to exercise caution and allow the tint to cure and fully adhere before attempting to clean it. Typically, it’s recommended to wait at least a few days before washing your car’s tinted windows. If you wash them immediately after installation, water can seep in between the tint and the glass, causing marbling, water bubbles, or other issues.

Waiting for the tint to cure and adhere properly can help prevent these problems and ensure your tinted windows maintain their clarity and appearance for years to come. So, exercise patience and avoid washing your newly tinted windows for a few days to allow the tint to fully set.

4.   Harsh Cleaning Agents 

Using cleaning agents can also decrease the lifespan of your tint.

Avoid using abrasive cleansers that have chemicals in them since they might damage the material of the car window tint and create discoloration.

Many people wash their cars with common household cleaners. It is useless to use these. The tint on your car can be affected because the majority of them contain ammonia. Instead, choose to purchase ammonia-free goods made specifically for the automotive industry. These goods have been carefully created and put through testing with that goal in mind.

When it comes to washing your vehicle, opting for distilled water can have several benefits. Distilled water is purified and free of impurities, making it a safe and effective option for cleaning your car’s surfaces. By using distilled water, you can help minimise the risk of harmful substances or minerals being left behind on your vehicle’s paint or windows. This can help prevent damage or discoloration caused by hard water or other contaminants commonly found in tap water. So, if possible, consider using distilled water for washing your car to help keep it looking its best for longer.

5.   Exposure To Sunlight (H3)

If your car is left outside in the sun for an extended period of time, it will suffer damage. The film on a car window might dry out and crack in direct sunlight.

Window tint can fade over time from exposure to sunlight, especially if the tint is of lower quality. The compounds in the tint may be damaged by the sun’s UV rays, making the tint brittle and prone to cracking.

When possible, try to park your car in a shaded area. If you don’t already have one, think about getting a carport.

NOTE: Try car chameleon tints, a type of automotive window film that changes colour depending on the angle and lighting, providing a unique and eye-catching look to any vehicle. This would be a good choice if you live in a sunny area.

Tint My Car

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