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How Live Streaming Has Changed The Way We Organise Events

A recent report published by Vantage Market Research revealed that the size of the global live-streaming market will grow from $988 million in 2021 to $4.30 billion by 2028. Factors such as the increasing demand for real-time video services and growing internet penetration have been identified as major drivers of the market. Several platforms and service providers have emerged in recent times to deliver the best streaming experience to the audience, irrespective of the event – wedding, corporate, and a host of others. 

Wedding Live Streaming

It is becoming a norm for weddings and similar occasions to be live-streamed not only in the United Kingdom but in other parts of the world, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic that has seemingly highlighted the benefits of the idea and enabled the emergence of more streaming solutions. The likes of Zoom and similar tools have been explored in recent times to bring the fun and excitement of weddings to friends and family that could not be physically present at the event.

Some of the immense features and benefits of wedding live streaming include enabling remote guests, especially the elderly and family abroad to be a part of the special day without putting them through the stress of travelling for long hours or paying expensive fares for flight tickets. Live Streaming also makes it possible for more people to be a part of the event, eliminating the barrier that comes with trying to fit a particular number of people into the venue. The couples also get to save money by inviting guests online, taking away the huge expenses and stress of catering for physical guests.

Corporate Event Live Streaming

Organisations have also tried to explore the possibility of using online platforms to host events without necessarily gathering people in a physical location. Consequently, there has been increasing popularity in corporate event live streaming, enabling participants across the globe to be a part of events by connecting through an internet-enabled device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. The user-friendliness of live streaming and its cost-effectiveness have further endeared it to organisations, helping them to reduce costs from travelling or booking hotels for participants. Other benefits of corporate event live streaming include effective management of proceedings, especially in controlling who speaks and the length of each discussion, spontaneous planning of meetings, and the integration of corporate videos into the stream.

Corporate event live streaming enables organisations to reach a wider audience and communicate effectively by embedding video players on their website, on a client page, or even through their social media channels. Organisations also enjoy the multi-camera event live stream productions, secure and reliable connection, as well as the combination with event photography/event videography.

Funeral Live Streaming

Putting together funerals can be sometimes tasking, especially with the emotions that go into the process and the need to give everyone the opportunity to pay the last respect to the deceased. However, getting loved ones together in a physical location requires a lot of effort, which is where funeral live streaming has been extremely helpful in recent times. 

Funeral live streaming helps elderly and sick people who cannot easily travel to be a part of the event, making it easy to bring people together. It is also helpful for persons that can travel but might find it difficult to leave their current location due to distance, saving them the travel expenses involved in flying in from abroad. Live streaming will also make it possible to invite more people to the event as opposed to trying to limit the number of guests due to the capacity of the venue.

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