How Liberty Gaming Guild Strives to Become The Premier Platform for All Things P2E

The gaming industry is easily one of the fastest-growing industries across the world economies. In the recent past, blockchain gaming has taken over the gaming industry by introducing incentives for participating in the games. These play-to-earn games are geared for adults allowing them to get crypto rewards for playing the game. Over the past year, the “GameFi” industry has taken over the NFT sales market, generating $3.3 billion in revenue across the past year, representing roughly 22% of all NFT trading volume, data from shows.

“Play-2-earn, or P2E games, are platforms that allow gamers/players to earn cash or crypto while playing online games.”

Nonetheless, play-to-earn games still have very high barriers of entry, which locks out most average gamers from the industry. The lack of decentralization and high fees on some of the games has caused many potential players to sacrifice high winnings for cheaper and fairer games. One play-to-earn project, Liberty Gaming Guild aims to solve these pertinent issues of decentralization and scalability while offering gamers the highest payouts across similar competing platforms.

The new vision for the P2E gaming industry

Launched in 2020, Liberty Gaming Guild aims to onboard anyone to the play-to-earn ecosystem, providing an easy-to-navigate platform with low barriers of entry. According to a statement from the team, the platform “sticks with crypto’s original vision to achieve decentralization and democratization” to increase adoption rates in the P2E ecosystem. Apart from revolutionizing the blockchain gaming industry, Liberty Gaming also educates and mentors new gamers in the space on how to earn the most through P2E gaming.

Liberty Gaming Guild has created an economy and community around its gaming platform, impacting how players create value on digital goods and services and spreading the gospel of P2E gaming to every corner of the globe. Simply put, Liberty Gaming aims to minimize the risks associated with P2E games, provide education, training, and mentoring support in gaming, and assist in creating stability for gamers in both their play-to-earn careers and their lives.

So, how exactly does Liberty Gaming Guild minimize P2E gaming risks and lower the barriers of entry?

The world of gaming has always been dominated by the ones with high skill and knowledge in the game. In an economy where players are paid to play, this could be a huge disadvantage for new participants in the ecosystem. To avoid this, Liberty Gaming mentors and trains the new participants, increasing their chances to win.

Additionally, the platform has an already built portfolio of seven top blockchain games, allowing gamers to invest in all the games at once. Given the amount of risk on play-to-earn games, many gamers end up choosing one or two games to play and in case of a failure, they stand to lose their capital. However, with Liberty Gaming Guild players can easily diversify their portfolio of games on one asset – while simultaneously investing in seven top NFT games. Liberty Gaming has selected the best gaming platforms for investors including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, League of Kingdoms, Star Atlas, Guild of Guardians, and Illuvium.

This also reduces the cost for investors allowing them to pay only one transaction fee for all seven games instead of each. Notwithstanding, players on Liberty have a spread of earning opportunities away from the games including staking, lending in-game NFTs, and other DeFi related earning mechanisms.

The Liberty Gaming Guild scholarship program

The growth of games selected on Liberty Gaming Guild has been nothing short of breathtaking in the past year. For example, Axie Infinity, one of the most popular blockchain games, witnessed a 15X growth in 2021, as demand for the native NFT assets, Axies, grew to abnormal proportions. Less than a year ago, it cost about $100 to build a team, now the total cost is upwards of $900, due to the huge increase in popularity.

While the growth of the gaming platform is something to admire, the knock-on effect is this start-up cost is almost certainly unreachable for a large portion of gamers, especially in developing nations. Ironically, these gamers are the ones needing the P2E games to survive hence the launch of the Liberty Gaming Guild scholarship program. Liberty creates a gateway into the play-to-earn world, by buying these Axies (or other NFTs), and loaning them out to gamers that meet the criteria to access the scholarship program.

Final words

With the user adoption figures skyrocketing and the global media attention rising, P2E games are entering into their most exciting and valuable period since the launch of NFTs in 2017. As such, having easy onboarding platforms such as Liberty Gaming is crucial to keep the fire burning across the industry. The presence of a one-stop-shop for new players sets them up to diversify risk, increase their skills and earn more as they start their career in the GameFi world.

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