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How Leyes Media is Dominating the Social Media Industry’s Market During COVID-19

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While a company’s progress is measured by the results and achievements it has made in its history, the ability to stay afloat in difficult times and even grow at times when hundreds of companies see their stability threatened, is another characteristic that can be associated with success. In fact, in the case of Leyes Media this last one is what allows us to characterize it as a company in constant growth, even when the COVID-19 pandemic generated a critical business and social panorama.

Leyes Media is a leading digital marketing agency. It was founded in 2019 by its leader and CEO Kevin Leyes. A young entrepreneur of 20 years old whose vision of growth and determination to obtain results have led him to become an internationally recognized entrepreneur.

With extensive experience in social networks and the Internet from a very early age, Kevin highlighted the potential boost that a marketing agency could give to his other companies. Therefore, he did not hesitate to develop his own project not only for his own business benefit, but also to promote the presence of artists, influencers, public figures and other entrepreneurs within the digital environment.

However, although the beginning of 2020 promised to be a promising year for many entrepreneurs, it became a season to overcome great challenges. The expansion of COVID-19 threatened the business stability of hundreds of companies. Many of them dedicated to withdrawing because of the virus, while others, determined to fight, have managed to stay afloat. The latter is the case of Leyes Media.

Don’t wait for opportunities, create them

While the social and business context of the pandemic generated an atmosphere of uncertainty, anxiety and even fear of the unknown. The main duty of business leaders is to generate opportunities that allow the company and employees to stay afloat and committed to moving forward.

In the case of Leyes Media, this aspect has been key to its growth in the midst of the difficult situation. Kevin Leyes, the founder and CEO, has been focused and committed to the development of the agency in every way: motivating the continuity of the processes and commitments they maintain, and creating in the middle of the situation the necessary opportunities to move forward.

This has led Leyes Media to obtain a presence in the international digital market, the agency has set the standard in the leadership of its niche and has expanded its services. From being initially an agency dedicated to boosting presence in social and digital media, it moved in 2020 towards areas such as talent development, brand and company partnerships, and public relations.

Resisting the hardship

While good times don’t last forever, bad times don’t last forever either, even on a business level. The current context of the COVID-19 has allowed Leyes Media to accentuate the bases for an even more effective growth. Mainly, their performance has been based on resisting difficulty, not stopping working even in times of uncertainty, in addition, innovating in ideas and opportunities that allow them to stay at the forefront within their industry.

Each of these elements has represented a process for Leyes Media, because for both its leader and the team, it is not only about obtaining results in numbers, but also in experience, growth and quality. That is why, even during the time of the pandemic, this agency has focused on moving forward to achieve its goals without abandoning the path that it has set out from the beginning.

Working as a Team

In normal times, teamwork is a fundamental part of achieving objectives. However, in critical moments for the company, the cooperation, coordination and commitment of a team plays a transcendental role.

“I have a lot of faith in myself and my team, and I am aware that if we continue to work with the same mentality of growth and expansion, it is only a matter of time before abundance and success continue to come into our lives”, says Kevin Leyes.

Even in difficult times, Leyes Media’s team has not lost sight of the results they want to achieve. The success, growth and strengthening of each of their areas is the common thread for the members of this company. The mind and efforts to achieve them will surely give them great experiences in the area of digital marketing. 

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