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How Juceno Turned His Passion for Fashion Into a Thriving Business

Most people don’t become successful overnight, and Juceno didn’t either. It took him years of planning and hard work to make his business dreams a reality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow in his footsteps. Juceno saw an opportunity in the fashion industry and took advantage of it by using new media to promote his products and his business. His dedication, networking skills, and exposure have all contributed to his success as one of the leading fashion designers in New York City. 

About him

Juceno is a fashion designer and business owner from Queens, New York. Boogie Luxury, Boogie Apparel, and Dabuzzz media are some of his business holdings. He is also a popular YouTube personality known for his video blogs about food, entertainment, and world travel. Juceno’s passion for fashion began when he was in the US military. He traveled to many different countries and was exposed to a variety of cultures. This experience inspired him to start his own fashion line. Today, Juceno’s clothing is worn by celebrities and everyday people alike. His brand is known for its quality, style, and comfort. Thanks to Juceno’s hard work and dedication, his business is thriving.

His Journey

When he is a child , his mother took him to many fashion shows and runway events. He was mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the show. He loves to play around with different types of fabric, patterns, textures, and colors to create new looks that are classic and trendy. He always had a passion for fashion and design. After serving in the US military, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. He started his own clothing line, Boogie Luxury, and later added Boogie Apparel and Dabuzzz media. He also has a successful YouTube channel where he vlogs about food, entertainment, and travel destinations around the world.

His biggest dream

 He has always been passionate about fashion and he wanted to turn his passion into a successful business. In five years, he wants his merchandise to be in every mall around the world.  For this dream to come true, he knows that hard work is necessary.  I want to see my products on the shelves of major retailers like Macy’s or Walmart. I know that it will take time and effort but I am willing to do whatever it takes, says Juceno confidently. His designs can be found in magazines and blogs all over the internet. People from as far away as Japan are starting to notice him because of how well-known he is becoming in Europe.

Staying Grounded

In the business world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget what you’re passionate about. But for Juceno, fashion is more than just a trend–it’s a way of life. And he’s used that passion to build a successful business. If I do something that isn’t working, I don’t beat myself up over it. 

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

When you love what you do, it’s easy to find inspiration for your work. For Juceno, that meant turning his passion for fashion into a thriving business. He started by simply sketching designs and posting them online, which led him to get interested in his work and eventually his own clothing line. Today, he credits much of his success to always staying true to his aesthetic and never giving up on his dreams. It was all about being fearless, he says. I’ve learned how to take risks with my ideas, but at the same time be confident.Instagram: 

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