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How Is ChatGPT Impacting Digital Marketing?

After ChatGPT came out, some were curious to find out what it could do. Weeks later, everybody was talking about it. Now, as we are nearing the end of 2023, ChatGPT and AI tools have become the sidekicks of everyone in the job sector. From creating your emails to answering any queries, ChatGPT can do the heavy lifting of your day-to-day tasks for you. Of all the sectors, the use of this AI tool has found a considerable following in the digital marketing sector. Before we tell you what it could do, you should know what it is.

It’s an AI tool that works on NLP. This means it understands human language to some extent and can answer you back in the same manner. Not only is it simple to use, but you can learn about incorporating it into digital marketing for better results after a couple of tryouts. Here’s how you could use it as a digital marketer: 

Streamlined Research

Before ChatGPT, the research used to take a lot of time off your schedule. You had to spend weeks browsing through multiple Google pages. Then, you have to study that data after compiling it. So much time wasted! But now, you can do all this within a few hours. 

It offers flexibility, which is unlikely to be found in any other tool. Its large database contains all the information about your customers. All you need to know is how to access it.

Unlike the traditional way, where you have to add your research manually, you could ask ChatGPT to organise your information the way you like it. Do you want it on a table? Or do you want it to be in any order? Simply mention it in your prompt to get results.

The use of ChatGPT will only benefit you if you are aware of your digital marketing concepts, whether they are as simple as incorporating SEO keywords. Thus, you have to have an understanding of digital marketing concepts. If you are not aware of that, you could take a special course or find a place nearby to learn about digital marketing.  

Enhanced Messaging

Successful digital marketing is the result of clear communication. And what better way is there to reach out to your audience than through quality messaging and content? However, writing interactive messages is a skill in and of itself.

For digital marketers, this was a challenge before AI. You have to struggle to generate new ideas. Often, this brainstorming could take hours, yet you would fail to come up with something new. But ChatGPT could help you create drafts for your messages, saving you from indulging in monotonous tasks that would take up a lot of your time.  Thus, from marketing copies to social media prompts, you could create a good-looking copy in a matter of hours.

Another great thing about ChatGPT is that it pays attention to personalisation. If you provide it with some background information about your customer, it could help you create engaging content for the target audience. However, note that the content generated from ChatGPT may require human intervention, as it might lack “the human touch.” Therefore, you should edit the content before publishing it to avoid plagiarism and maintain its superior quality.

Customer service has had a big chance since ChatGPT and other tools came out. Companies are now relying more on the use of chatbots—an AI-based messaging tool—to provide customer support. Though they were in the picture earlier, with the advent of AI, chatbots have become more affordable now.  From human-like responses to creating general FAQs, chatbots have reduced the need for 24/7 customer service while adhering to high-quality service. 

Relevant and Efficient Content Creation

Without content, no business can thrive digitally. But creating high-quality content is a struggle, requiring you to put in hours to create content that is relatable. How has AI changed content creation? AI works a lot faster than humans; thus, it has reduced time to create high-quality content. From images and texts to video content, generative AI  has made content creation faster. 

Companies no longer have to struggle with the time to create quality content. They can focus on one thing: content that matters to their audience. Thus, the job of marketers has become somewhat easier. For example, ChatGPT’s DALL- E 3 can generate high-quality images if you submit descriptive prompts.

  • Smooth Digital Integration

    Perhaps one of the best uses of AI in digital marketing is that it can facilitate smooth digital integration.  Here are some of the ways it can help you become a more efficient marketer –

  • Automation of Routine Tasks: Many tasks on your to-do list are repetitive. It might be sending mail or creating hashtags for your Instagram posts. ChatGPT can take care of all these tasks for you by automating them as per your preference.

  • Improving User Interactions: Customer support was and still is the core of successful digital experience for clients. However, it used to take up a lot of time and money. ChatGPT can assist clients with small queries, allowing you to take over when needed.

  • Data Handling and Analysis:  Successful digital marketing sprouts out of a well-targeted audience. ChatGPT can assist you in figuring out your audience. It can provide you with large amounts of data about your audience and help you retrieve information from it, which can help you create actionable content to gain more customers and leads.

Lead Generation and Improved User Experience

Every business faces the ultimate challenge: How do I get more leads? It is a slow process, requiring you to build authority and presence in your customers’ eyes. However, you can speed up this process with the help of ChatGPT.

For example, you can use it to engage with website visitors or social media users in real-time, providing personalised interactions. By answering queries, offering relevant information, and responding to specific needs, it can effectively capture the interest of potential leads, as we discussed in the case of building chatbots.


Moreover, you could use ChatGPT for automated follow-ups and nurturing leads through personalised messages, email marketing content, or regular updates. For email marketing campaigns, you can use it to craft personalised and compelling emails that resonate with the target audience. By resulting in improved open rates and responses, this will foster more lead generation. 


In The End

ChatGPT is one of the most talked about and used AI tools. Beyond digital marketing, it has impacted almost every mainstream sector – education, finance, technology, etc. Though there are some concerns about its use and the threat it poses to the job sector, we can’t deny that it has made our jobs somewhat easier, especially for digital marketers. From curating content to studying targeted audiences, the job that used to take weeks now could be done in a couple of hours. As a digital marketer, you should acknowledge and welcome this change. Learn as much as you can about ChatGPT, writing prompts, and other AI tools to make your job easier.


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