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How is AI Being Used in Basketball Training?

How is AI Being Used in Basketball Training?

Like all other international sports, every basketball team earns victory by outscoring the opponent. And that requires perfecting your movement on the court and shooting efficiency

Over the years, the sport has undergone tangible improvements. For example major teams in the NBA have adopted the use of AI technology during training. 

And How is AI Being Used in Basketball Training?

Basketball coaches understand the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. One way to unearth the ability of an individual is to track his performance over a period.

In basketball training, AI technology has proved helpful in capturing complex data with a high degree of accuracy, analyzing and storing the statistics. Through AI technology, a coach can record an arc made by a basketball and its revolving speed. 

Also, artificial intelligence makes it easy to record a player’s body movement, shooting efficiency, strength, and weaknesses in a game.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Basketball Training

Capturing Detailed Vital Data

Manual capturing of data during basketball games isn’t easy. And that’s where AI apps come in. Using different apps and cameras, a trainer can capture detailed valuable data concerning:

  • Arc made by the ball
  • Depth and speed
  • Position of the player
  • Field goal percentage

Installing the cameras close to the backboard makes it trouble-free to capture details of a game without straining. 

Soon improvement in the efficiency of AI will make it possible for apps to adopt facial recognition ability. That way, the programs can then track and register data for several players at the same time.

Real-Time Data Capturing, Storage, and Analysis

Besides taking accurate data on shots, the App stores millions of statistics and assists in match analysis too. Coaches and players can then access such data easily. Analyzing a player’s performance over a while then becomes simple. 

The ability to capture real-time data of a match helps reveal common faults and strengths of a team. An AI’s data analysis report is therefore crucial during training.  

Setting Up Personalized Training Programs

Artificial intelligence programs help record and store personal data for every basketball player. By doing so, the coach knows the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. 

The trainer then sets up a personalized training program for every player that addresses various movement skills;

  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Layup

Through such avenues, trainers address numerous weaknesses concurrently. Such an effort helps boost accuracy in shooting, defensive ability, and overall performance. 

Monitoring Fitness and Recovery 

AI programs also help check on the fitness level and speed up recovery. During training, a player wears sensory devices. The sensors then capture the body movement, pattern, and effort exerted. 

A trainer uses such data to know areas experiencing overexertion. It’s then possible to adjust the training schedule, pattern, and intensity to promote the recovery process. 

Evaluating and Perfecting Your Shooting Ability

Before the emergence of AI, evaluating a player’s shooting ability was demanding. Analyzing the shooting capability of a basketball player involved the individual taking numerous shots (even thousands).

But the use of A1 has changed all that. A couple of shots (25 to 30) is enough to reveal the characteristics of the shot. Thus, making an accurate analysis of the shooting is less demanding. Your coach can then deduce why you often miss your targets and the training you need to make accurate consistent shots. 


Artificial intelligence technology plays a vital role in basketball training. The use of AI programs helps in capturing and analyzing complex data on a player’s performance. 

Cameras around the backboard and wearable sensors record valuable data on the ball’s trajectory and lower and upper body limb movement. 

The analysis of such data gives birth to targeted training that improves overall performance in the game.

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