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How Ioterra is working as a “Catalyst” in the IoT development Ecosystem

IoT development

With the surge of digital transformation and the evolution of cloud computing across businesses, IoT has come a long way from just being a buzzword in the digital market.

The demand for IoT services and solutions is accelerating every day. But at the same time, there also arises the practical difficulty in solving the issues in IoT hardware product development. These hardware and product development challenges expand and contribute to a professional gap in the sphere of IoT. Recognizing this pattern, a team of IoT experts joined hands together in cutting through this professional lag in the IoT hardware product development. This dedicated IoT experts squad is called Ioterra and is led by IoT veterans Daniel Price, Abhinav Dubey and Danny deLaveaga.

Ioterra is a pioneering B2B IoT Marketplace founded in the year 2018 to solve the practical difficulties in IoT hardware product development. Ioterra is arduously working towards helping businesses that are adopting IoT systems in their business. Ioterra comprises a large network of vetted IoT service providers and professionals from all across the globe and acts as a platform to help several industries in their IoT product development process.

Lately, Ioterra’s IoT community is contributing innovative ideas in combating the ongoing Covid19 crisis. It is also helping frontline warriors of the pandemic by supplying them with IoT devices to monitor social distancing, contact tracing, and other health monitoring IoT devices.

By making continuous efforts for improving the fragmented IoT ecosystem globally, Ioterra eventually has gained trust and authority in the IoT market. That, in turn, has led to Ioterra being a catalyst for hundreds of IoT projects over the past two years amounting to a multi-million dollar worth of IoT engineering services realized through the platform. 

Ioterra is not just a professional community, but it is a well-structured forum that creates IoT tools and solutions to give back to the IoT community a high level of comfort in their IoT project life cycle. Now, they have launched four IoT tools to standardize the process of IoT product development.

IoT Project Cost Estimator

Allocating budget for the IoT hardware project is the first and foremost step in the project life cycle. Ioterra’s project cost estimator is formulated by assessing the expenses incurred on hundreds of IoT product development companies. This tool is carefully designed to estimate the overall cost of IoT hardware development. The calculator computes the project cost on three parameters that are – electronics development, mechanical development and firmware development. With this curative tool, it takes just 5-10 minutes to estimate the overall budget for your IoT hardware development project.

Ioterra’s Insight Request tool 

The insight request tool is formulated to check and specify the feasibility of an IoT idea in various business verticals. This tool is dedicated to guide and support companies who are looking for expert advice in their IoT product development life cycle. Ioterra’s expert network consists of thousands of experienced IoT professionals across all regions of the globe. They are committed to serving the needy companies in resolving their queries. The insight request report is delivered within 3-5 days from the submission of the request. The dedicated report is compiled with the list of IoT service providers who are looking forward to resolving the queries. The report also contains the contact details of relevant IoT service providers and a link to their Ioterra’s profile page.

Ioterra’s Estimate Request tool

It’s a secured tool designed to quickly get a ballpark estimate of the IoT development cost, a high-level timeline of the project with the distributed histogram chart and forecast the project’s pricing from real and anonymous firms. The concept of anonymity is very effective here because the companies would know which service firms have responded without stipulating which firm had stated what pricing. Instead, you get an anonymized graph built around the estimates given by the service firms which helps you to get a fair idea of the overall budget you should keep in mind. It just takes 2-3 days to obtain a well-structured estimate request report. 

Ioterra’s RFP (“Request for Proposal”) tool

The request for a proposal tool is very helpful in a crucial stage of the business that is engaging with the external partner firm. This tool helps enterprises to carefully choose the right partner for their proposed IoT project. The RFP tool is dedicated to providing a perfect solution for bid solicitation and vendor selection processes. It also connects to Ioterra’s Development Firm Match tool to precisely select the perfect partner organization.

These tools from Ioterra help to smoothen out the IoT product development journey for businesses and firms and increases their chances of success. 

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