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How Instagram Stories Can Increase Your Engagement

Growing your Instagram account is challenging. Most of your followers won’t see your posts, and tapping endlessly on “like” to get someone to take action is draining. You know that Instagram is a growing social network. And when you’ve worked so hard to build your Instagram community, you don’t want to risk it all by trying something that might seem desperate.

Instagram stories have changed everything. In a snap, you can now increase Instagram followers, grow your Instagram engagement and even boost the conversion rate of your product!

If you want to increase your engagement on Instagram, try adding Instagram stories to your day-to-day timeline. These stories will let everyone know what’s happening in real-time. Your story will be shown at the top of the followers’ feeds, making it easier to see it.

Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

Creating a consistent posting schedule for your Instagram stories is one of the most important steps to increase engagement.

By creating a posting schedule, you provide a routine to your followers and give them something to look forward to on their feed. They will begin to understand when they can expect new content from you, and as a result, they will be more inclined to interact with your posts.

A consistent posting schedule helps establish an identity for your brand and lets people know what they can expect from you. It helps them stay current on the latest updates in the topics that matter most to them, and it makes them feel more involved with your company.

If you are just getting started on Instagram, you may want to check out, so you aren’t starting with zero followers. Some followers will give your work brand authority.

Create an Instagram Story Series

One of the best ways to use Instagram Stories is to create a series. One example is a “day in the life” series that shows what it’s like to work for your business. Another option is a “behind the scenes” series that shows off your team at work. Or create a tutorial or how-to series that provides helpful tips related to your industry.

You should consistently integrate your story with your other content for maximum results. For example, if you have an upcoming webinar or event, promote it on your story and add a link so people can register or buy tickets directly from your story. You can also use hashtags in your story and encourage people to share their own stories using the same hashtag (which will help increase engagement).

Make Your Stories Creative and Unique

Be creative with your Instagram stories by being unique and thinking outside of the box! You can do this by using colors, fonts, filters, and gifs. When deciding on colors, use colors that represent your brand or product. You also need to take advantage of all the other features that come with Instagram Stories, like polls, quizzes, questions, emoji sliders, and countdowns!

Instagram stories are great for driving traffic back to your website or blog, so adding CTAs to your stories is essential. This will help get people excited about clicking through to read more!

Ask For Instagram Users to Share Their Opinion

In your Instagram story, ask Instagram users to share their opinions about something relevant to your brand or business. You can ask them about their favorite kind of product, the colors they like most, or even just what they want to see more of on your feed. Using questions as prompts in your stories is a great way to start conversations with your followers and get them talking. Not only will this make them feel heard by you, but it’ll also help you make decisions about where you should take your brand next based on their feedback.

Share Behind-The-Scenes Footage

You can show how your products are made, how your office works, or what happens behind the scenes during an event. Not only will this make your brand more relatable, but it will also give you a great chance to showcase the people in your organization.

Record Your Demo Reels and Tutorials in Your Stories

This can be an excellent opportunity for you to show off your process, as well as your expertise. If you’re in a B2B business sharing case studies or other educational materials, this can be a fantastic way to engage potential clients.

If you create physical products, showing the process of how they’re made can be fun for people watching. You can even reach out to some of your favorite customers and ask them if they’d like to share how they use your product in their daily lives!

Go Live With Q&As Using Instagram Stories

When you go live on Instagram, stories will appear at the front of your follower’s feeds, meaning you’ve got instant access to your target audience. Your followers can also receive notifications when you go live, which is a great way to keep them engaged with your account.

You can even use this feature to answer their questions and interact with them in real-time. Why not create a hashtag to post their questions on Stories ahead of your show? This will give you a chance to gather more information on what they want to know while they’re tuning in.

Gaining Followers With Your Instagram Story Strategies

Well, there you have it: strategies that are helpful when it comes to gaining followers with your Instagram stories. Of course, there are many other strategies you could try as well. You’re never going to find a magic bullet that always works, but this list will help you get some traction on your Instagram page as well as some followers along with

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