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How important it is to create quality content and care about natural backlinks for the life of a website?

Building a website is a whole process. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful and highly visited website. You start with an idea, develop it and create a strategy. The next steps are: website name, CMS choice, design, suitable hosting provider, and you can start with your content creation and SEO. Let’s say that you’ve done the first part (idea, development, and strategy), you still have a lot of ground to cover before you start creating content and optimizing it in order to attract visitors.

In short, your website name should be catchy, not long, and it should associate visitors with the website content. CMS is dependent on the type of website you are planning to create. WordPress powers most of the websites around the world, and it is a great starting point, whether you are blogging, create website from scratch or creating an e-commerce platform. Design is something that corresponds to your vision of the website. Try not to overdo it, and you’ll be safe. Simple, functional and minimalistic are your guidelines. Hosting providers is another story. Pick one like Hostinger that is covering most of the requests for your website: SSL, regular backup, good server neighborhood, tech support, room for plan upgrade… List all your needs, and simply choose the one that ticks all boxes for your website.

The importance of content and linking

When it comes to content and SEO, there are active and passive magnets for visitors. Content is considered as both. While active content creation engages a new audience, with good SEO, your old posts can make passive visits without your engagement. Linking and backlinking are often referred to as a passive visitor’s magnet. This is due to their nature to keep on working long after you’ve placed them.

Is high-quality content really that important?

In a word – yes. Quality content will set you apart from other websites, and help you deliver the right message to your visitors. You can look at quality content like a mix of different information presented on your website. When we say mix, we mean text, graphics, videos and audio information as a whole.

Apart from functionality and design, the success of your website relies mostly on its content. Everything else has a support role. That is why it is important to up your game and create good taglines and attractive content that will capture the attention of your visitors.

One thing that search engines love is content. Especially one that is regularly updated. With good SEO, you will increase the number of people coming to your website through search engines. Depending on the type of your website you can have daily updated content (blogs and news portals) or articles a couple of times a week. Combine that with an effective design that gives additional strength to your message and enrich it with multimedia content – you’ll have a game-changer.

Content vs quality content

The difference between content and quality content is related to the clarity of the message you want your visitors to see when they visit your site. Content must correspond to what visitors expect and need from your website and provide value to them. That is why you need to understand what your visitors want and give it to them. If you give your visitors relevant content your traffic will increase, the sharing of the content will grow, and the engagement will rise.

Before publishing your content, make sure to proofread everything, because small mistakes like misspells and grammar errors can be very costly.

One of the greatest benefits of quality content is that it has value over time, and it will bring passive visitors in for a prolonged period. This is especially known for something like “How to” articles, instruction videos, or “Top X” things that are important to our audience.

The other big value of quality content is that a good idea is worth sharing, and your visitors will do that. In simple terms – good content gets shared frequently. This way its life span is prolonged and can skyrocket your website even a couple of months or years after publications.

Social networks play a crucial role in content distribution, so your content should be adapted to look good and be functional on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Why are backlinks important?

When we say “backlink,” we think of every link from another website/social media/blog that points to your website. You want to have many links that are pointing to your website, as much as you want to have quality content. Like content, Google likes backlinks, and they will have a massive impact on your search engine rankings, especially if they come from relevant websites.

Backlinks will increase your visits over time, and they do not require your attention after they are placed. That is why we refer to them as passive audience magnets. The whole idea behind backlinks is to up your search engine rankings and generate consistent traffic every day, which is why working with SEO link building services can help you enhance this strategy.

Like content the quality of backlinks is important. It is not the same if backlink comes from the well-renowned website within your industry or some blog that appeared yesterday. You can even use tools like Website authority checker to see the strength and quality of your backlink. The golden rule for backlinks is: “the more time you spend on your backlink, the more visits it will bring in the future”.

Of course, there is a direct link between quality content and backlinks quality. When linked content is related to something that visitors find appealing and interesting there is a higher chance for your backlink to become better. And that is a key difference between organic backlink strength and paid ones.

With high quality and optimized content your website will get more power and grow over time. This strategy is good in the long run since it guarantees better visitor frequency and organic growth, and that is something you can not pay to have overnight.

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