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How important is the SEO For Startups [Ultimate Guide]

seo for startups

Search engine optimization is a ray of hope for lean startups as they can’t afford paid ads. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai can help new businesses to market their products and increase brand awareness.

Unfortunately, many marketers simply don’t opt for this high-reward, low-cost brand strategy.SEO is an effective tool for startups and it doesn’t break their banks.

There are a lot of reasons for which new businesses should use SEO and this article discusses the most important of them.

SEO is a Must for Today’s Companies

Search engine optimization has become the necessary ingredient of a successful marketing plan for today’s businesses. Daily, users turn to Google and other search engines to surf for something they need usually with commercial intent.

Not just that, search supplements other digital advertising platforms because it’s usually the first source of traffic for many businesses.

When your brand possesses a solid online presence and ranks higher in search engines than your competition, it can significantly impact your bottom line.

That is why companies that provide SEO services in Dubai are very much in demand.

Therefore, startups should use SEO to get higher rankings for pages that can offer:

  • Original, relevant, and valuable content that can satisfy users’ search intent
  • Accessibility as its crucial for users and search algorithms
  • Awesome UX or user experience because a website is a part of the search experience. You should help users smoothly browse the information on all pages
  • Engagement as SEO helps in making people stay on your site which increases engagement, thereby giving a positive signal to search engines
  • SEO fundamentals that include image alt tags, backlinks from high-authority websites, meta descriptions, sitemaps, and more

Boosts Organic Traffic

When searchers land on your site by using a certain search query on Google and hitting on the listing in the SERPs, those searchers are called organic traffic.

Experienced companies who provide SEO services in Dubai can drive organic traffic easily.

Global digital marketing agency Ayima emphasizes the value of SEO in attracting visitors organically. And that marketers should be working to optimize their sites for search engines.

SEO does the magic to make your site jump up the search results. It enables visitors to identify it much quicker. Moreover, with organic traffic, business owners can drive users who can be potentially converted into buyers.

Those buyers were already interested in your products. And they visited your content expecting that you could offer a solution to their problem.

Provides Customer Behavior Data

Optimizing your site for search engines would offer you valuable information about the people you want to attract.

The more keyword research you conduct, the more information you will gather about the likes, dislikes, and interests of your potential customers.

This is great for startups as they don’t usually have enough knowledge about the people who might be interested in their products. Apart from the SEO purposes, this data can be used to understand the target market better.

Agencies that offer SEO services in Dubai often use this data to make a buyer persona for their clients.

The best part: you will find many great SEO tools with free trial versions. These tools would provide you with the search terms your target audience use while searching. Startups can perform Google searches and insert keywords that concern their company.

Helps New businesses Make Smart Business Choices

In the previous section, we have discussed the importance of consumer behavior data for business. This same information can facilitate other crucial startup actions.

You can make a business plan applying this knowledge to direct your business decisions as a founder. It would help in making the launch and growth phases successful.

It means that customer behavior data isn’t just beneficial for determining your ideal customers.

You can also use this information to craft your conversion strategies. Finally, businesses can vertically combine that by making particular click funnels directed toward those specific consumers.

It is the Macro Trend

A study was conducted on the search and buying behaviors among B2B consumers in 2014. It showed that 71 percent of B2B decision-makers begin research with a general search and not a business-specific search.

According to Google itself, decision-makers are searching for products/services first, not for the brands. A leading SEO agency in Dubai will try to rank your site for generic keywords first and then for your brand.

Saves Money and Provides Infinite Possibilities

Businesses struggle financially at the beginning of their journey usually. In the initial days, a new business owner has to acquire a return on their investment, the sooner the better. As SEO provides a way to drive more traffic and leads organically, you save costs.

Provides Long-lasting Outcomes

According to search engine journals, a lot of factors govern the time needed before an SEO tactic bears results.

These are competitors, links, and content. Yes, if you are trying to rank for keywords that are already used by many other businesses, it will take more time to reach the top of the SERPs.

That is why SEO experts and SEO agencies in Dubai often have a long-term SEO plan.

Paid ads do provide results more quickly than SEO. But, those results will stop showing as your reservoir of money ends (your budget). So, if you are here for the long haul, you need a watertight SEO plan. Search engine optimization will supply you with long-lasting results.

SEO Enhances User Experience

Search engine crawlers consider user experience to decide on your site’s ranking in search engine results.

New businesses should make a user-experience-friendly site. It will increase its ranks and brand awareness, prompt consumers to buy products, and increase their chances of becoming regular buyers.

And if your site is crumpled and navigation is a headache, visitors will bounce back quickly and land on your competitor’s site.

Increases your Authority on the Internet

You work hard to make your pages go up high in the search results. In the process, you make a solid base for your business.

You consistently communicate with your target market to keep them informed and engage with them. Over time, these efforts make your consumers love and trust you.

As a new venture, you should try to find a reliable agency that furnishes affordable SEO services in Dubai.

Furthermore, SEO prompts you to make ordered, interactive, and content-filled sites. Because visitors tend to stay on them for longer, which in turn increases the sites’ search engine rankings. This also makes you popular among your consumers.

If you keep optimizing your website for search engines for a long time consistently, slowly you will also build online authority for your business.


Starting a new business is challenging and intimidating. Resources like time and money seem to end early. In times like that, SEO comes as a breeze of fresh air. It’s not expensive and can be a game-changer for your newborn venture in the long run.

This is why SEO is still at the core of digital advertising. Despite the emergence of new methods and technologies every now and then, many brands are still making their mark online thanks to the higher search engine rankings of the business keywords.

For new businesses, search engine optimization can provide authority and lasting results within a tight budget.

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