How important is marketing for Cryptocurrency in this bear market?

The crypto market is in freefall again, and the fall is on an epic scale. At the time of this writing, the global crypto market cap had dropped a whopping 8.53% in the past 24 hours. Shiba (SHIB) and Bitgert (BRISE) are among the coins that have been badly hit by the falling crypto markets. Shiba Inu is 15.8% down in the past day, whilst Bitgert has held their price stable. What is most important in times like these for projects is crypto marketing which is a rapidly growing industry and could provide a shield to these dark days ahead in the crypto market.

What is Crypto Marketing?

Everyone has heard of or owns some crypto in this day and age. However, not many people know about what goes into getting a new crypto-related project off the ground. That is where marketing comes in.  The cryptocurrency market is super saturated with tokens and technologies these days that it can be difficult to get an edge.

Even if you’ve created an awesome new initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IEO), security token offering (STO), or a blockchain product, no one may even find out about it. That’s where a skilled marketing team can really be of benefit to come in making your new project really shine in these dark times. One of the market leaders Connect Crypto Marketing stands out because of its unique, all-encompassing marketing strategies and proven successes with the big names in the crypto sphere including Pitbull & to name a few.

Crypto marketing ensures you grow a good reputation within the blockchain community and will drive wild demand for your new hot token or platform. A community of enthusiasts for your offering is built through many different effective marketing channels.

What should a good Crypto Marketing team do?

Crypto Marketing provides the missing key to many cryptocurrency launches: “The Marketing”.

So many high-quality cryptocurrencies never see the light of day because they only have skills for backend development without the ability to drive growth.

 Crypto Marketing offers many tools to boost attention to any cryptocurrency project but what should you look for when choosing your agency? 

As a business, you should want to choose an agency that completely comprehends the unique challenges and opportunities of this new and often confusing industry. Here are a few things to look out for in a crypto media agency:

  • A comprehensive understanding of blockchain tech and how it can be used to market your project.
  • An imaginative approach to marketing that helps reach potential investors & users all over the world.
  • A track record of success with previous crypto marketing campaigns.
  • A core team of experienced individuals who are passionate about crypto and blockchain.
  • A commitment to being transparent and delivering fair, reliable, and honest services.

If you keep these elements at forefront of your thoughts, you can be sure to find the right agency for your project.

One of the leaders in this space Connect Crypto Marketing will likely have you covered on all fronts of the marketing aspect of your project. Marketing channels work in different ways to help you garner a following, trust, and hype. It’s important to have many different types of media as well as work with the search engines so that your ideal customer can easily find you.

 It’s a testament Connect Crypto Marketing that they’re able to comprehensively cover so many areas in the often long and arduous marketing process. The quality of service they offer is second to none when compared to other agencies. Their proven methods provide the blueprint for success in the complicated world of crypto marketing.

Big Projects

Connect Crypto Marketing has been the backbone of many popular cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency platform launches. It’s very likely you’ve heard of one or a handful of the successful projects they’ve worked with over the years. 

  •     Kucoin: a very popular cryptocurrency exchange that has garnered over 8 million registered users.
  • an innovative cryptocurrency casino platform.
  •     STASH: a high APY auto compounding & staking protocol.
  •     Bonfire: a crypto token with the goal to educate about cryptocurrency.
  • leading cryptocurrency betting platform.
  •     Synthetix: enables the creation of synthetic assets.
  •     Hunny Swap DEX on avalanche.

 These are just a handful of the many projects I saw that Connect Crypto Marketing had helped make a success. Not only have they guided projects through pre-sales, launches & beyond they’re also working on some huge new innovative projects still to come! It is exciting to see cryptocurrency tokens and tools see the light of day when applying the right marketing strategy.

Connect Crypto Marketing frequently posts on their social media about the biggest news in the cryptocurrency world and the major milestones they meet in their current projects. They can be found on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok where they have built up a large following. Their Twitter page @ConnectCryptoM offers great market insight and marketing tips for any would-be up-and-coming investor or project owner.

Changing The World

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly updating technology for the better. The blockchain is always providing new, useful purposes. Marketing new technologies surrounding it brings it one step closer to becoming an incredible, mainstream function. The benefits of blockchain are clear and have been touted for many years now but are still taking a while to take hold. Many believers and blockchain enthusiasts believed that the useful technology would have been much more present in our everyday lives. This could simply be due to marketing and development.

Without marketing, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today and much of the growth, we see in the future will be because of it. Cryptocurrencies are continually innovating and fixing traditional currency issues. They are fast, convenient, secure, and can back some incredible causes.

 One of the major reasons why cryptocurrencies fail is due to bad marketing strategies. Connect Crypto Marketing ensures your project gets the best possible start in the often hard-to-navigate world of crypto. It can make a difference when you want to go and share your vision and project with the rest of the digital world. Marketing agencies are the key to sharing your cryptocurrency offering with a wider audience make sure you choose wisely and always do your research when looking for a potential partner.

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