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How Idris Lura merged his two interests into an innovative business

It is a known fact that technological upgrade has revolutionized the entire business industry on a global scale. This enabled countlessly dedicated and talented entrepreneurs to assert their influence and develop new and unique ideas which in turn boosted their business growth. Thus, it is an evolving process where proper use of technology can lead to a better life. Idris Lura is one such individual who has continuously strived towards improving human connection through the power of tech.

Originally hailing from Australia, Idris has always had a fond interest in technology. The fact that a mere click can provide so much information and opportunities was baffling and simultaneously interesting to him as a college student. He loved to delve into countless topics that educated him further about how technology works and its applications.

Thus, he realized his calling at a pretty young age and has strived on the same path ever since then. Idris was also someone who loved connecting and communicating with different people. He realized that the common point of both these things was that it led to a better and more inclusive life. His company Letsgrub was formed as a result of merging these two interests. Idris wanted to establish himself in the business industry and what better way was there than to make something that connects people through the mutual inclination towards food? Letsgrub is truly an innovative business that has taken the application of technology to a new height. The company’s estimated worth now stands at eleven million dollars. It is commendable how he has managed to reach this height of success in such a short span of his profession. 

Although Idris is highly successful now, the journey was not an easy one. He moved from Australia to Texas, the United States in the year 2005. Moving across borders is no small matter. A sudden change in lifestyle and culture is a challenging thing to cope with. However, nothing was strong enough to deter Idris from his goal of becoming a successful businessman and contributing to the evolving technological field. He was able to fulfill all his dreams and wishes to keep moving forward. It is due to this that he is rightfully known as the ‘Forth Worth King of Tech’. His profession also allows him to travel, meet new people, and imbibe new cultures, which is something that he had always wanted to do. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. 

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