How ICONIQ LAB’s token for digital asset management will transform the crypto investment ecosystem

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain opened up a wide range of opportunities for everyone. One of the biggest advancements was in the field of entrepreneurship. The dawn of ICO’s opened the world of opportunities to each and every single entrepreneur to create his dream company without having to sell a part of it. Due to the emergence of ICO’s, users could now raise the funds required without having to compromise on anything.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, we have seen so many ICOs pop up, each working in their own domain of expertise. However, not all ICO’s are legit and many have created fake ICOs in order to steal the money of investors. This has scared the whole ICO market and has driven several potential investors away from the field. Thus, the need for a project to incubate other authentic ICO projects arose and Iconiq lab was born.

What is Iconiq Lab?

Iconiq Lab is a blockchain project and a crypto token accelerator program that helps new crypto ventures source, fund and develop their tokenized startup. Iconiq Lab helps the new ICO ventures to get through the initial stages to raise the funds required to help the project get started. By taking advantage of its huge community of investors, it helps connect the new ICO ventures to investors. Thus, ensuring that all good ICO projects see the light.

The Iconiq platform only supports promising ICO projects. Getting on their radar if you have a good idea is not going to be very hard. The platform receives a countless number of submissions each month. However, only the ideas with great potential are promoted by this platform. Each submission is thoroughly reviewed and only a handful are chosen. This not only ensures that only the deserving, well-planned projects receive the support but also protects the interests of the investors. Thus, lowering the risks of any scams.

How does the Iconiq Lab platform work?

The platform is divided into a decentralized VC investor club and an Accelerator.

The decentralized VC investor club works on a membership model and in order to become a member, you must hold the ICNQ token. Each user is given a set of exclusive presale right based on the tokens that person holds. Every investor can use the ICNQ token or even Bitcoin and Ethereum for investing in the various ICOs on the platform.

The platform also offers a plethora of features to the accelerator platform as well.

  • Each ICO submitted is thoroughly analyzed and the ones selected are provided expert level tokenization. Here, the latest tokenization strategies are used to create a successful ICO.
  • ICO legal framework is also provided in order to take care of all legal matters that arise in an ICO.
  • The best marketing strategies are also employed to get the word about the new ICO out to the public. The strategy used ensures that a large majority of people are aware of the upcoming ICO.
  • The Iconiq lab platform also helps in the construction of the whitepaper for any new ICO. They help you create the best and more user-friendly and understandable whitepaper.

ICNQ token:

The ICNQ token is an ERC20 token and works on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a utility token for the platform i.e. in order to access the VC investor club, you must hold a certain amount of ICNQ tokens in your wallet. Each member of the club is given certain privileges based on the number of tokens that person holds. The higher the number of tokens held by a particular person, the more benefits he is entitled to. These benefits range from having a greater influence to getting early access to an ICO pre-sale event. Bonus tokens are also given to the token holder based on an algorithm.


The benefits that come along with this ICO is truly impressive. Not only does this provide an investment opportunity for the investors but also provides the necessary needs for an ICO project to kick off as well.

  • The platform has received thousands of ICO entries. However, after carefully analyzing each and every one of them, only 9 ICOs so far were chosen by the selection committee to be supported by the Iconiq Lab platform. This shows us that only the well planned ICOs get through to obtaining their support.
  • Investors: Iconiq Lab platform will truly revolutionize the investment market forever. Each and every investor will no longer have to waste their funds on meaningless ICO’s. As all the ICO’s supported by Iconiq Lab’s are thoroughly analyzed, There are not going to be any fake ICO’s.
  • ICO ventures: Only the truly deserving ICO’s are selected by the committee to be represented by Iconiq Labs platform. The selected ICO’s are certain to raise their initial seed money in a matter of days. Additionally, the platform also provides support in the form of marketing, white paper construction, etc. The ICO that was selected can also stop worrying about the legal framework of their venture as it is also going to be taken care of by the Iconiq Lab platform.
  • To the general public: There is a lot of bad blood in the ICO industry today. This is because it is hard to tell the difference between an authentic and fake project. Iconiq has made this process easier by short-listing the best ICOs. This brings back trust into this field and people can start buying these tokens without any fear of it being a scam.


People invest in new projects either if they like the purpose of the project or if they plan on making great returns in the future. The current ICO market has hindered the investments due to the inconsistency in the authenticity of many ICOs. Iconiq Lab will put an end to all the bad ICOs and hence, only the truly deserving project receives the support that it requires. Thus, revolutionizing the entire crypto investment ecosystem.

Find out more on the Iconiq Lab’s website:

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