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How HubKonnect CEO Michael Koch is Biohacking for Technical Innovation

A common question amongst tech industry leaders is: what is it that ensures that a CEO is equipped to make the best decisions for the product, the consumers, and their employees? 

Michael Koch, who is a tech renegade and the CEO of HubKonnect, believes he knows the answer. Koch believes that to be a leader and a pioneering CEO in the tech industry, he must nurture his own biological performance in order to make the kind of decisions that creates technology and artificial intelligence that really has an impact. But what is biohacking, and how does Koch use it to improve himself and the tech industry?

What does ‘Biohacking’ mean?

Biohacking is a relatively recent term that refers to the process of altering and adjusting lifestyle and health choices to improve and strengthen key areas of human performance. This procedure is frequently adopted by athletes, who make purposeful decisions regarding their health to optimize their performance in their specific sport. However, biohacking is not exclusive to those who are seeking to boost their physical performance. Biohacking can also be used to ensure mental performance. In this way, individuals alter their health and lifestyle choices to allow for mental strength and aptitude.

Michael Koch on a Spartan Lifestyle for Success

Michael Koch is known in the tech industry as one of the most visionary CEOs in artificial intelligence, and is paving  the way for the future of Web 4.0. HubKonnect is his fifth company as a CEO. The company is an AI data driven platform for local store marketing,  which utilizes its AI for some of the biggest companies in retail. Despite being in a field that is still in the process of accelerated evolution, Koch has played a vital role in pioneering AI, machine learning, and the intersection of new consumer data through his award-winning tech company. With HubKonnect, Koch has set out to change the landscape of technology and how it is viewed by the masses.    

Koch has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, such as McDonalds, IBM, Visa, Nike, P&G, Meta, and Dunkin’, to accelerate their technological, data, and Artificial Intelligence  capabilities.  He has created the QSR AI Research Lab which has become a think tank for the evolution of AI and Web 4.0. 

Making sure that his entire business is consistently on the right track, and that it can continue to innovate, requires a lot of sacrifice from Michael. This is reflected in his daily routine of waking up at 4:00am. Koch starts his 15 hour fast with black coffee, and does an early morning ideation session where he has the time and space to solve some of the most complex issues he will face that day.  Next is an early morning workout,  where he focuses on building strength to enable his body to work at the tempo needed for a global CEO. Since his work entails meeting with clients all around the world, this early hour gives him enough time to interact with a lot of clienteles based in Europe and Asia, and his rigorous routine gives him the energy to work his legendary 18-hour days.    

Koch states that, “I believe the human body and brain are the next platform. As I continue building HubKonnect as the permanent AI Local Marketing technology,  I use all the resources available to make sure I am at my cognitive best and always at my sharpest to create the future.” From a 4am wake up, cold baths, fasting 20 hours daily, grueling strength workouts, meditation and prayer, only consuming select food that drives cognitive function, and optimizing his sleep; Koch’s day is not for the faint of heart.  Koch believes this level of focus and clarity is the only way he will make history through building the next version of the internet, an AI driven version, Web 4.0. Koch States, “I am not someone who believes in balance. For entrepreneurial success, I believe in obsession – an obsession and passion for what I do, who I do it with, and who I do it for.”

When asked about why he does not live in opulence, Koch references a quote by the famous Boxer, Marvin HagIer: “It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’re sleeping in silk pajamas.” With Koch’s success, he purposely structures his day and environment to ensure that is never content, and that he consistently keeps his ‘edges sharp’ through pushing his biological limits. His ‘Spartan’ living arrangements have garnered great interest. Koch states that he purposefully creates a minimalistic, spartan environment that only contains the basic things he needs to continue to focus, work, recover, and create the time and space to think on the evolution of AI and continuing to build HubKonnect into a billion dollar company. “Simplicity clears space so I can think big and build the future,” says Koch. 

Koch understands his daily protocol is not for everyone, but prides himself in the passion and discipline it takes to live this lifestyle of Innovation and lead the future of Artificial intelligence and Web 4. 

Final Thoughts

To be the top tech CEO, it takes a diverse skill set and this requires a vast amount of talent, vision, passion, resilience, grit, and key areas of strength. Michael Koch is a visionary CEO who puts Innovation, Hubkonnect, clients, and employees first and to live a lifestyle of performance and innovation, to always be at his best to seize the moments.  This level of commitment and sacrifice is why his company  HubKonnect to becoming the “it” company in Silicon Valley and will ensure dominance in the competitive industry of AI and machine learning. 

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