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How HR leaders can keep up with safety laws

The health and safety regulations that have been put in place at work are frequently disregarded. Employees frequently flout business policy because they don’t understand the importance of the set health and safety standards.

Overzealous laws do not, however, fully invalidate the importance of health and safety. There is a risk of harm and even death at places of employment like warehouses. To avoid such hazards, it is essential to practice proper and acceptable health and safety, which calls for employee adherence to corporate guidelines.

But how can you do this in a world where health and safety are known for being largely unnecessary?

1)Encourage High-Priority Safety Culture:

What does it mean to promote a safe culture? Max Hauer, founder of Goflow believes that it entails teaching your staff the significance of fundamental warehouse safety regulations and the rationale for their implementation. “It is crucial that you emphasize the importance of your health and safety policies so that employees understand their purpose.”

An effective technique to achieve this is to provide illustrations of potential harm that could result from disregarding health and safety regulations. Use instances and situations from actual life if you can to support your points.

Sam Willis, founder of Rain Catcher believes that the goal is to foster a safety-conscious culture in your warehouse where “employees actively work to uphold established standards in addition to respecting them”. Another strategy you might use is to encourage staff members to report violations. As a result, not only will you be able to tell whether people are disobeying the rules, but employees will also be more likely to do so given the increased visibility of their behavior.

2)Avoid Unnecessary Safety Regulations:

Making sure you don’t implement superfluous or unneeded policies is a key component of ensuring that people appreciate and comprehend the significance of your basic warehouse safety guidelines.

When creating workplace laws, you must adhere to the duty of care and HSE law. However, if you go above and beyond what is required of you, you can discover that employees start to care less about abiding by the rules.

All laws run the risk of being disregarded if some laws are disobeyed because they are thought to be absurd.

Candice Moses, founder of Information recommends starting a discussion about health and safety regulations with your team. “Find out their opinions on the current rules, then collaborate to build policies that both adhere to the law and are regarded as legitimate and acceptable by the workforce. By involving your team, you may increase their understanding of the rules and guarantee that they attach greater importance to adhering to them.” 

3)Ensure Consequence for Non-Compliance:

There is no legal necessity that someone gets a penalty for disregarding health and safety unless there is a violation of health and safety as a result of negligence or non-compliance.

The business is in charge of that. Elena Jones, founder of FinanceJar states that in order to counteract contempt for health and safety regulations, it is sad but necessary to implement a clear non-compliance policy. “If the only punishment for disobeying the rules is a slap on the wrist, your employees will keep breaking them. They seriously risk endangering both themselves and others by continuing with this behavior.” 

Employees who violate your fundamental warehouse safety policies must be reprimanded in accordance, with sanctions corresponding with the gravity of the offense.

4)Reward Those Who Follow Basic Warehouse Safety Rules:

While those who follow the rules should not be forgotten, those who break them should be penalized. Reward and incentive programs can increase compliance and productivity in general. Employees who receive recognition for their job are, on average, 50% more motivated and engaged at work than those who don’t. 

Caitlyn Parish, CEO, and founder of Cicinia believes that to ensure compliance, everyone in the warehouse must follow the fundamental safety regulations. “Motivating folks to comply is only an added benefit. But how can you commend a worker for abiding by the rules? Every organization will have its own system of rewards since only you will know how to best motivate your employees.”

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