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How Hosted VoIP Is Changing the Business Industry and Why You Need It?

How Hosted VoIP Is Changing the Business Industry and Why You Need It

Running a successful business means a lot of innovation, good customer service, and quality products. In case any of this is missing, your business will suffer. With constant innovation and updates, you will be able to get your customer hooked but if the customer service is not good enough your customers will feel neglected. That’s where VoIP comes in. Traditionally, customers need to reach out to the company to complain or register their concerns. However, with technology, this switched to phone but now as the companies are scaling up, this is shifted to Xinix hosted VoIP. From e-commerce giants like amazon to transport giants like uber, everyone is taking help from hosted VoIP. VoIP helps in increasing the reliability of the business and help them grow to their maximum potential. With all this hype, most people can’t help but ask, what exactly is hosted VoIP and why do you need this for your business?

What Is Hosted VoIP?

VoIP is also known as a voice-over-internet protocol which means instead of using electric signals like an analog phone you are going to use the internet to transfer your voice. Traditionally, when you use a phone for calling someone, the voice is converted into electric signals and it is remitted via a public switched telephone network or PSTN. As the voice reaches the receiver the electrical signals are converted back to the audio signals. One of the best things about the traditional phones is the reliability whereas, the voice quality is very bad, and it limits you to the audio calls only. However, due to reliability, most businesses compromise on quality and features.

However, with 5G internet and one station to fit all features, lower cost, instant report, and multiple other advanced features, businesses are switching to VoIP phones. As the business scales up and becomes bigger and better, they start to receive hundreds of calls when the analog phone starts to get expensive. The distortion becomes worse and there is no way to help the representative in case he wants to forward the call with a full report to the supervisor.

What Kind of Businesses Need VoIP Services?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to VoIP, if you offer customer service with your business, you need a VoIP service for that. Apart from this, if you offer any kind of services, for instance, transportation service, delivery service, food service, fixing service, medical service, or anything else related, you need to use VoIP for your business. VoIP facilitates the business by reducing the wait time and handling time by simply forwarding the calls to agents who are free at that moment. It also helps in improving the service by providing access to calls from remote places so the supervisor can provide better information if needed. It also has live monitoring and instant reporting features which ensure better productivity.

Some of the business models that need VoIP service include:

  • Call center business
  • E-commerce
  • Hospitality industry
  • Financial service industries like banks
  • Food delivery service
  • Healthy industry including hospital and private clinics
  • Travel agencies
  • Airport and transportation services
  • Real estate companies
  • Customer service
  • Emergency and rescue services

How to Find the Best VoIP Service?

Finding the best VoIP service for your business means a lot of research. You need to keep in mind that every business, big or small, has almost the same needs. Even if you own a small business, you need maximum features within a limited budget. Also, keep in mind that your business might grow later, so you will have to look for a customization option.

Look for hosted VoIP so that you can benefit from outsourcing maintenance services. It will be the responsibility of your vendor to manage the equipment installation and updating.

Look for a VoIP service that offers built-in redundancy. This will help you have a complete backup in case your internet is not working.

Look for a company that offers good uptime so that you can ensure reliability.

For a good service look for a good bandwidth so that you can enjoy high-quality audio and video calls.

Look at the terms and conditions within the contract because they will help you know what kind of service you will be getting. Most companies offer SLA with customized package options that can help you easily tailor the package according to your business needs.

The VoIP service company must offer setting and maintenance service in case there is an emergency condition.

Why Do You Need Hosted VoIP Service for Your Business?

Most businesses need to handle their customers as well. This means that they need to stay in contact and update according to the business. Some of the major benefits that will convince you to get hosted VoIP service for your business include:

  •         VoIP service offers auto attendance to help you track the working hours of your company representatives
  •         It offers a conference call service that helps you stay in contact and conduct an online meeting with the whole team.
  •         It provides remote access to all calls and data so that you do not have to stay at the office. You can also use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access all data and attend all phone calls.
  •         VoIP can be connected to the CRM portal and this will help in reducing the handling time for all.
  •         It offers a one-click report system to help the management know about the call analytics.
  •         The voice quality of the call is so much better than an analog phone.
  •         It is extremely cost-effective offers a toll-free phone number
  •         It offers customizing options so you can tailor the brand image by offering local phone numbers or you can use an international number.
  •         As your business grows, VoIP offers a simple scalability option that will let you increase the connections according to the need.

If you are looking for a hosted VoIP service that offers 24/7 help along with the best packages, you can benefit from Xinix hosted VoIP.

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