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How Green Electric Scooters in Ireland is Changing the Nation’s Micro Transport Game

Green Electric Scooters is an Irish electric scooter company set up by two brothers – Cormac and Cillian Reynolds. 

Having seen the impact the electric scooter was having across Europe and also seeing movements in Irish legislation, Green Electric Scooters came into the world as a side hustle. However, it’s not beginning to change the way Ireland travels, with a selection of the best electric scooters and e-bikes on the market and a strong online marketing game. 

One of the big things people wonder is what e-scooter should I choose, according to Cormac Reynolds. They all seem similar, so it can often be extremely hard to know from a quick browse. Thankfully the lads from Green Electric Scooters in Dublin, Ireland have given us a quick and easy list of the things you should put at the top of your considerations. 

Choosing An Electric Scooter – How Do I Choose One?

When it comes to buying an electric scooter, you must consider five things to get the right one for you. These are the principles of getting a product that you will love and meet your demands. They are: –

1) The Range

The range is a measure which an electric scooter can achieve before its battery needs charging.  In other words, it is the distance an electric scooter can travel on a single charge. For this reason, you have to know what you need. For example, if you want an electric scooter to travel for long distances, you have to consider a long-range scooter and vice versa.

2) The Top Speed

You have to consider its top speed as well.  For example, if you need an electric scooter to get you from one end of your city to the next faster, you will need one with the highest top speed. However, if you only need one to help you run errands like shopping around the corner, speed should not be your primary focus.

3) The Battery Type and Warranty

An electric scooter will have either Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion batteries. These are two different types of batteries, each with its benefits and limitations. Between the two, the Lithium-ion battery is the best because it is more reliable, offers an increase in traveling range and minimum charging time.  The only limitation is its cost. 

Also, do not forget to consider a scooter’s warranty.

4) The Cost

Cost is a factor to consider while purchasing an electric scooter. It is important to note that cost is affected by size, features, color, and style.  Some scooters are designed for adults and licensed drivers, while others are deemed for kids and younger riders.

5) The Purpose

What is the purpose of your electric scooter, what do you plan to use it for, why do you want an electric scooter? Is it for everyday use to get to work, or simply because you love riding? Or do you want it to be a family-related activity? By simply knowing the purpose, will you be in a better position to narrow the best electric scooter that is right for you?

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