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How green carbon calculator helps industries to protect environment

green carbon calculator

There are lots of industries and factories in the world and most of the industries emit carbon from their chimneys which affects the environment in nearby areas and creates pollution. Not only industries, but we humans also emit lots of carbon dioxide in our daily life through different modes like transportation, cooking, and others. There are certain guidelines that most industries follow before emitting carbon into the environment but still, industries emit more carbon because of a lack of technology and proper awareness. In order to reduce carbon dioxide from smoke, they should first need to calculate the carbon and here carbon footprint calculator comes into action that gives an insight into the number of greenhouse gases in emitted smoke.

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by us in our daily life including carbon dioxide and methane. On average a USA citizen’s carbon footprint is approx 16 tons per year which is the highest in the world that can’t be reduced to 4 tons overnight until we know our carbon footprint and take proper measures to reduce it.

How to reduce Carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint can be reduced by just only making only small changes in our daily life routines. Since we can’t reduce emissions from industries but we can change our actions in order to protect the environment. Some small changes in our life-like.

  • using cycle as transport for short distances. 
  • switch to electric vehicles 
  • prohibiting the use of wood and coal for cooking
  • save unnecessary used electricity
  • use public transport instead of your individual.  

How does the Greenly carbon calculator work?

Greenly is a well-known company that specializes in corporate carbon tracking. They already helped many industries in order to reduce their carbon dioxide emission. Greenly calculates companies’ carbon footprint based on the number of employees, size of office space, company vehicles, heat source, business flights and transportation, and office electronics. 

Why you should use the Greenly calculator?

Greenly calculator uses its unique mechanism to calculate the carbon footprint and gives you a detailed insight into gases emitted. They store data in their database and user can check it anytime. Greenly’s main focus is to reduce climate change and protect the environment. They provide their calculator only for commercial use, not for personal use. 


To reverse climate change, we should all support each other that includes governments, businesses, and citizens to reduce their carbon emissions. If your business is ready to reduce emissions, talk to the team at Greenly. They have helped hundreds of businesses do their part to reverse climate change with their sophisticated carbon footprint calculator software.

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