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How GR0 Uses Authorship and Domain Expertise to Win the 1st Position on Google

In today’s world, everyone uses Google—so much so that “googling” has become a verb. While Google’s visually unassuming white webpage and endless list of blue URLs may seem unremarkable to the majority of browsers, Google search results pages contain the hidden beach-front properties of internet real-estate. This secret weapon is key to building brand awareness and generating web traffic, and it can make or break small businesses looking to establish an online presence. What is this hidden gem, you might ask? The #1 Google search result.

Ranking #1 has myriad positive effects for any eCommerce site. Not only does the top spot have a significantly higher click through rate than links lower down on the list (meaning more people will actually visit the site), but having your name at the top also creates brand trust and authority. The #1 result acts as a giant free billboard presented directly to potential customers.

Because of the enormous positive impact created by claiming this #1 spot, it’s easy to assume that the CEOs with the fattest pockets can simply bid their way to the top. However, the reality is a bit more complicated… and more democratic. Google rankings are determined by something called SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO can’t be bought, but it can be organically grown. Enter the new kids on the digital marketing block: GR0.

GR0 is a digital marketing firm founded in 2020 by SEO experts and long-time friends Kevin Miller and Jonathan Zacharias. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the GR0 team has navigated these uncertain times with remarkable grace, quickly becoming an industry leader in organic SEO growth.

Not only has GR0 received noteworthy praise from its long list of clients, but it has also been awarded by the American Business Awards and the B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm Clutch. GR0’s specialty is helping brands achieve that coveted #1 Google spot through a winning recipe of authorship and domain expertise.

One of the key factors in organic SEO growth is an interconnected web of backlinks that lead from a trusted source back to a brand or company’s website. You can find these backlinks within blog posts, landing page content, reviews, and press releases written by GR0’s diverse team of writers. In a time where the pandemic has left many businesses short-staffed, the repercussions of COVID-19 have helped GR0’s team of writers become stronger than ever.

GR0’s writers work remotely, which has allowed GR0 to build a team with diverse geographical backgrounds and a wide variety of expertise. No matter who GR0’s clients may be, they will be matched with a writer who can craft well-researched, personalized content tailored to their client’s target audience. GR0’s content writers are also trained to match any brand’s tone, which helps reinforce and grow their clients’ brand identity.

Creating engaging content is only half the battle. GR0’s written content and web pages are carefully crafted to incorporate those essential titles, headers, backlinks, and keywords that work with Google’s algorithm to reach the #1 search result spot.

To see GR0’s work in action, look to Pumpkin, a business that provides pet owners with insurance for their furry friends. Before coming to GR0, Pumpkin was a new company unsure of the best way to market itself. GR0’s strategy was to create 150 articles linked back to Pumpkin’s website to place Pumpkin in as many pet-related Google searches as possible and increase site traffic from pet owners.

Before Pumpkin partnered with GR0, their site averaged 600 monthly visitors. As of August 2021, Pumpkin has nearly 900,000 monthly visitors and has increased its monthly value by over $748,000. Pumpkin now ranks on the first page of Google results for 79,000 related keywords. To further prove GR0’s impact, 844,000 of Pumpkin’s monthly visitors are from non-branded traffic, meaning that they found Pumpkin via organic SEO search. As the saying goes, the proof is in the Pumpkin pudding.

Unlike paid advertising, GR0’s written online content does not expire, meaning companies will continue to benefit from these article-driven backlinks for years to come. Not only is SEO building exceedingly effective, but it is also more affordable than traditional paid advertising, making it the obvious choice for new businesses looking to expand their reach.

When it comes to agencies that specialize in organic SEO growth, GR0 is at the forefront. Collectively, the articles created by GR0’s content writers have reached one billion unique views. Businesses in the market for some prime Google real estate would be wise to reach out to GR0 as their SEO realtor.

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