How Good is Simplilearn’s Data Science Course?

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These days, there is a high demand for experts who have expertise in the data science and analytics industry. With an aim to achieve digital transformation, many companies are embracing data science and hiring professionals for their analytics projects. However, the sector remains confronted by various talent challenges, and organizations are now ready to spend a hefty amount to create their data science and analytics team. In light of this trend, data scientists and data analysts are among the highly-paid professionals across the world.

Are you embarking on a career in data science? If yes, you need to gain certain skills before you can handle the responsibilities of a data scientist. And this just does not happens in a few days; you need to dedicate at least six months to build a strong foundation in data science. Many professionals do not even have the right educational background to step into this field. So, they take a comprehensive online Data scientist course to learn about its basics and then move ahead with its intermediate and advanced concepts.

When you start searching for a reliable data scientist course, you will come across the edtech platform Simplilearn. It offers a variety of courses on data science, out of which the Data Scientist Master’s Program is worth your time. Let us discuss more about Simplilearn’s data science course and how good is it.

Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s Program

Simplilearn is an established e-learning platform that offers online Bootcamps and certification programs in a range of categories. It basically aims to impart the most in-demand skills of the 21st century and professionals become ready for the future of jobs. Data science is one such track, and you will find many reliable data science courses on this platform. Now coming to the Data Scientist Master’s Program, it is designed in collaboration with tech giant IBM and offers a blended learning approach to help individuals become job-ready.

This in-depth training course will help you gain hands-on experience in all the important topics of data science like Python programming, data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, Tableau, Hadoop, and Apache Spark. A number of popular data science tools are also covered in the program like NumPy, Pandas, Scipy, R programming, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Tableau, and matplotlib. You will get an immersive learning experience by going beyond the theoretical classes to interactive hackathons, masterclasses, and Ask-Me-Anything sessions by IBM experts. Moreover, you will get a chance to work on over 25 industry-based projects having real-world datasets and a Capstone project towards the end.

The unique features do not stop here. Simplilearn goes the extra mile in offering job assistance to the learners as well. When you enroll in the Data Scientist Master’s Program, you will also be given access to Simplilearn’s JobAssist initiative. As part of this initiative, learners get IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months, where they will be given tips to improve their profile, check their application status, improve their visibility and chat with recruiters directly. Moreover, there will be career mentoring sessions, interview preparation tips, and career fairs.

Is the Course Worth It?

Indeed! When you compare other data science courses available online, you will find that Simplilearn fulfills all your learning needs. As the course is divided into short video modules, you don’t have to take extra time off your busy schedule. The well-experienced faculty will ensure that you have a clear understanding of each data science concept and will give you many real-world examples to grasp things better. They will also include the latest trends and best practices related to data science during their sessions so that you have the most up-to-date information on the field.

The practical sessions will increase your knowledge and help you apply the skills gained during theoretical classes. The industry projects are not just for namesake, you will actually need to work on them and get them approved by the subject-matter experts. You will only be awarded a course completion certificate when you submit the Capstone Project successfully and get it reviewed. The Job Assist program is also quite helpful; though it can’t guarantee you a job, it prepares you well for data science interviews and makes you familiar with the top companies hiring data scientists and related job roles.

You may find the course a bit higher compared to the competitors, but you need to understand that quality doesn’t come cheap. Other training platforms may offer quite low-priced data science courses, but their study materials may be of poor quality, have outdated content, only theoretical classes, or no career guidance. So, if you want to build a strong foundation in data science and land your dream job, it is better to invest in a reliable course like Simplilearn.

Finally, you have to make the right choice depending on your learning goals. Even if you have some other training provider in your mind, keep Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s program as an option. You may like to consider it in the future or suggest it to other professionals willing to learn data science. Happy learning!

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