How GMCoin is Tokenizing any Business Model using Tron Blockchain

It is very important to entrepreneurs and engineers to direct themselves in the process, not yet fully formalized, of the tokenization of a Business Model. GM Informatics, a Joint Stock Company, has launched $GMCoin a Tron Based TRC10 utility token to decentralize any business and facilitate them to buy/sell services in B2B and B2C fashion with low fees, transparency, and decentralized manner.

There are different approaches to tokenization, the simplest one consists in tokenizing some aspects of a Business Model in order to decentralize a part of it (semi-decentralization), mainly in order to make it more accessible, flexible, transparent, and economical (later we will go into details in the advantages of the tokenization).

This is the case of issuing utility tokens (Public Sale through launchpad or IEOs) in which the resources produced by the business are parceled out. In more complex cases, on the other hand, a business is built or transported on a fully decentralized infrastructure, in this case, the company or the group promoting the initiative limits itself to owning a share of the tokens in circulation that enable business, but tends to yield over time the exclusive governance of the initiative, in favor of a new stakeholder market, obtaining what can roughly be assimilated to a stock listing.

What is the GMCoin Business Model?

A Business Model is a series of strategies implemented by a company to generate profit, creating a product or service and selling it to specific types of users. This product / service is implemented with a series of activities, internal resources and external partnerships. These activities are aimed at producing and delivering products or services to the outside that can be destined for end users (B2C), other companies (B2B) or a combination of these.

A Business Model is based on the achievement of one or more Value Propositions, that is the generation of value for the Customers, this value is realized through the resolution of problems or the satisfaction of necessity.

GMCoin Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is organized into 9 quadrants, divided into two macro areas: the Front Stage consisting of all the quadrants above the Revenue Streams and the Back Stage consisting of all the quadrants above the Cost Structure. The Value Propositions is included in both macro areas

GMCoin Token Model

A Token Model describes the properties of a token, the nature of the users and services that interact with that token, and the economic characteristics of such interactions, in fact, represent an entire economic and technological ecosystem. A GMCoin Token Model also defines the purpose of the token, its usefulness, and the mode of creation, distribution, and possible destruction (token lifecycle). The Token Model is a fundamental part of a tokenized GMCoin Business Model.

The Token Model is characterized by two main aspects:

  • Attributes: it assists the token platform and configuration;
  • Token Flow: the interactions that the Token performs with the Token Holder, the Exchange, and the substrate, and which constitute its economy.

Attributes of a GMCoin

In this section we report the most relevant attributes for the definition of a GMCoin token and its operating model:

  • Substrate: the decentralized platform that hosts the token (eg: Tron Blockchain)
  • System: eventual management system of the token inside the substrate (TRC10), also determine aspects such as:
  • Fungibility: it defines the equivalence or not of the individual tokens and therefore the possibility of exchanging parity of volume at the same price, this criterion is connected to the system;
  • Transferability: the ability to transfer tokens from one address to another without authorization;
  • Role: the functional role of the token. Functional roles can be active or passive;
  • Passive token: GMCoin represents a value that can be a currency (utility);
  • Active token: tokens that activate features such as access to a smart property or specific service features;
  • Payload: a GMCoin can be associated with an external physical or digital asset with a predefined value, for example, fiat currency, precious metals, raw materials, however, the team currently watching the processes and the frameworks on achieving this;
  • Supply: it is limited, it determines the monetary policy of the token and depends on the Business Model that is being implemented, specifies how many tokens will be generated and according to which criterion, through an algorithm defined in the smart contract or through the governance of the token holder;
  • Divisibility: represents the divisibility of the token, when applicable, ie the number of digits after the comma that must be supported (ex: 6 decimals or 8 decimals), particularly important that it is high for limited supply tokens;
  • Source: ie the availability of the Smart Contract source code that regulates the token. It can be open or closed, although there are still projects with closed source tokens, we believe that this practice contrasts with the concepts of audibility and trustlessness at the base of a reliable economy token and therefore is absolutely to be avoided.

Advantages of GMCoin

GMCoin business model is decentralized in nature, therefore implemented on the blockchain (Tron Blockchain) through tokenization techniques, if at least part of the Key Activities that it foresees, as we will see later, is executable and verifiable with a protocol digital decentralizable

The tokenization of a business model allows to:

  • introduce tokens that promote the use of the business and create economic incentives to support;
  • divide the functional features of the business among more entities preferably redundant and permissionless to increase the reliability of the project.

The advantages of GMCoin in assets attributable to utilities:


  • Speed up (and potentially usability) of transactions.
  • Access to the markets 24/7/365.
  • Access to a pool of borderless investors.
  • Fractionalization: tokenization and the secondary market enable micro-ownership scenarios with potentially positive effects on brand awareness.


  • Higher perceived value: greater liquidity means lower exit costs and therefore greater evaluation with the same value proposition.
  • Reduction of brokerage costs.
  • Reduction of intermediation times.
  • The programmability of tokens with attribution of rewards for virtuous behavior for stakeholders.


  • Possibility for all stakeholders to perform auditing of all aspects of the platform.


So far in the article, we understand that GMCoin will actually help in the tokenization of real-world businesses in a much more efficient and effective way.

More about the $GMCoin Token Sale

GMCoin was sold out on Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3 of Round 1 from its own launchpad. A total of 100000 GMCoin was sold out each day.

Especially on Day 3, GMCoin was sold out in just 74 min, if you have missed it too, here are the details of further rounds of the token sale

GMCoin Tokenomics:

Symbol: GMCoin

Total Supply: 80,000,000 GMCoin

Network:Tron (TRC10)

Development Team Token: 8,000,000 GMCoin

Marketing Activities and Adoption: 6.000.000 GMCoin

Internal Sales Distribution: 4,000,000 GMCoin

Treasury Reserve: 8,000,000 GMCoin

Sales: 54,000,000 GMCoin

There are four ways to buy GMCoin and participate in Private and Public Sales

  • Launchpad (Currently Open)
  • Retail Sales (SWAP) [Coming Soon]
  • Private Sale (Bridge) [Coming Soon]
  • Last Catch Sale (Teleportation) [Coming Soon]

Each of them has a minimum and maximum buying limitations along with KYC (required in some cases). Participation is restricted for the countries; Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, and Tajikistan. Through the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States residents must check their local laws and regulations prior to buying. More details can be found on 

Token Sales have already started from 9th August 2021 (with a consecutive 3 days 100% sold out though Launchpad), for more information you can join our telegram channel or log on to the official website.

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