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How glass partition manifestations make your office safe and stylish

How glass partition manifestations make your office safe and stylish

Did you know that the patterns, graphics, and text you often see on glass walls and doors in public and commercial buildings isn’t just for decoration?

These designs are glass manifestations, typically applied to the glass using a specialist film, screen printing, or vinyl cutting. These markings don’t just create visual interest – they make glass partitions more visible to prevent anyone from accidentally walking into them.

While this safety precaution is actually their primary purpose, glass manifestations also provide an opportunity for businesses to promote their branding and draw attention.

If you’re investing in glass partitions to optimise your office or any other interior space, have you thought about manifestations as a safety requirement and branding opportunity?

Here’s what you need to know to make your glass walls and doors as safe and stylish as possible.

Why are glass manifestations a legal requirement?

Transparent glass partitions without obvious frames, fittings, or even frameless glass doors without handles can be dangerous, due to the risk of injuries if people unknowingly walk into them. This is why it’s a legal requirement for large and wide or frameless glass panels to have markings.

The minimum requirements for safety glazing in ‘critical locations’ are set out in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – Regulation 14 and Building Regulations – Approved Document K, which explain when and where manifestations are necessary.

These regulations advise on the specific positioning and size of glass manifestations to make sure they’re visible from various angles, in various lighting levels, and from both sides of the glass. They must provide a visual contrast with the background and be placed at the following levels:

  • Between 850mm–1400mm from the floor
  • AND between 1400mm–1600mm from the floor

It’s also advised that the manifestation design should be at least 150mm high if it’s a logo, or at least 50mm high if it’s a decorative design such as continuous bands or broken lines.

There’s no requirement for glass manifestations to involve certain patterns – as long as they meet the measurements stated above, they can be considered legally compliant. This gives you the freedom to choose whichever bespoke design you like to suit your company culture and décor.

How brand manifestations can benefit your business

It’s common to see basic designs such as rows of circles or squares across glass partitions in public spaces, but when it comes to glazed partitions in commercial spaces, doing something so simple would be a wasted chance to express your company’s identity.

The most common way to do this would be to use your company logo as the manifestation, whether in full colour or a neutral white or frosted style. Some may even choose to use a frosted film for privacy in partitioned offices, while having the logo cut out so light can shine through it.

When used on outward-facing glass walls or windows, this doubles as brand promotion, while using logo manifestations on interior glass walls and doors helps to invoke the feeling of being part of a team for staff and gives clients and visitors a professional first impression.

Simple versions of logos are usually the most effective, as you want the manifestation to be eye-catching, but not so conspicuous that it draws all the attention away from everything else. If your company branding involves one or two main colours, it’s a good idea to incorporate these into your manifestations, especially if they complement your furnishings.

Whether you choose a smaller repeated pattern or larger logos, your glass manifestations should embody your company’s values in a visual way – this could be creativity, inclusion, etc. This will help to build your brand and a stronger sense of community.

Do you need glass partitions with manifestations?

A safe and well-designed workplace is key to keeping both employees and customers happy – and when workers are more productive and visitors have a great experience with your company, it can do wonders for brand awareness and growing success.

So, not only are glass partitions and glass doors an ideal solution for modern open-plan offices, but glass manifestations are also a must for both safety compliance and brand building.

When installing glass partitions that require manifestations, be sure to choose a company that can do both – supplying your strong safety glass and customising it with your chosen manifestations, so your business is ready to go right away.

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