How GaN on Silicon Technology Market is Attracting Positive Growth by Replacing Silicon?

GaN on Silicon Technology

For many years, silicon has retained its place as an integral component in the technology industry. The utilization of silicon in developing state-of-the-art electronic devices such as integrated circuits, transistors, printed circuit boards, and others has brought immense value to silicon. However, the stagnancy in innovation in silicon technology has urged manufacturers to find an alternative to silicon. Gallium nitride (GaN) has been regarded as a great replacement for silicon. Thus, based on these aspects, the GaN on silicon technology market will observe promising growth.

Gallium nitride can withstand higher electric fields when compared to silicon. It also displays exceptional speed in comparison to silicon. Significant weight reduction, enhanced efficiency, improved thermal performance are some of the vital factors that will have a large influence on the growth of the GaN on silicon technology market.

Being the heir apparent to silicon technology, GaN on silicon technology is making roadways in numerous applications across the horizon where earlier, silicon ruled the roost. Some of the major industries where GaN on silicon technology is making inroads are automotive, 5G technology, and consumer electronics. Here’s how GaN on silicon technology market will observe immense growth on the back of these end-users.

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Automotive Sector

The utilization of GaN on silicon technology in developing field-effect transistors (FETs) has brought a revolution in the automotive sector, especially in the electric vehicle sector. The use of next-gen GaN FETs reduces the size of power magnetics considerably and assists in offering more efficiency.

Designing compact and lightweight automotive systems is the need of the hour due to the overwhelming demand from consumers for the same. The weight of the vehicle can be reduced by decreasing the size of power magnetic substantially, eventually bringing tremendous growth opportunities for the GaN on silicon technology market. Texas Instruments recently expanded its range by introducing two GaN FETs for automotive applications. Such developments bode well for the growth of the GaN on silicon technology market.

5G Technology

The global race to launch 5G technology is gaining considerable momentum. The players developing 5G technology are opting for GaN on silicon technology over silicon. The replacement of silicon with GaNs was apparent due to the extensive advantages it provides. The ability of the GaN technology to handle high voltage efficiently will serve as a vital demand generator.

5G technology experiences attenuation issues. Each antenna requires an RF-enabled chipset. This aspect generates the demand for GaN on silicon technology extensively. Hence, all these factors serve as growth multipliers for the GaN on silicon technology market. The seismic shift from silicon LDMOS amplifiers to GaN on silicon technology will turn the tables of growth. Many companies are collaborating on 5G wireless connectivity. Raytheon Technologies has teamed up with Global Foundries to develop a novel GaN on silicon technology-based semiconductor that will provide exemplary performance for 5G infrastructure applications.

Consumer Electronics

The rising disposable income and the increasing purchasing power parity (PPP) have resulted in an increase in the demand for consumer electronics to a substantial extent. The growing use of GaN on silicon technology as an alternative to silicon is pioneering the growth. Navitas Semiconductor recently announced the world’s first charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 technology.

The charger uses the semiconductor made from GaN on silicon technology that allows the ICs to deliver 3x faster charging in half the size and weight. In addition, the usage of this technology can save energy up to 40 percent as compared to silicon chips.  A large number of advancements are being observed in consumer electronics, which will require GaN on silicon technologies massively. Therefore, the GaN on silicon technology market will witness extensive growth on the back of all these factors.

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