How Francesco Maiello is an entrepreneur king?

How Francesco Maiello is an entrepreneur king?

Francesco Maiello is a successful businessman and the King of Marketing, Markettaro by birth, and has decided to make his passion official with the Master in Marketing and Communication at the Sole24ore Business School. His work includes telecommunications, energy consulting, and long-term rentals. His company is dedicated to lead generation for all types of businesses. Francesco is also an active member of the fit Italia community demonstrating his ability to connect with people and build strong relationships. Francesco’s impressive track record speaks for itself, and his commitment to innovation, growth, and building strong brands in the business world. His success in various industries makes him a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and he is a great resource for keeping up with his latest projects. Here I am discussing his successful business projects which he achieves.

CEO Group IT:

Ceo Group is one of the largest professional services companies and individuals in Italy. The CEO’s goal is to transform knowledge into value for customers, through a vast range of multidisciplinary services provided according to standards of excellence. Today we have numerous professionals, who assist customers in achieving levels of excellence thanks to their trust in the high quality of the service, the multidisciplinary offer, and the widespread presence on the national territory. One of the primary objectives of our group is the continuous pursuit of excellence and professional quality. This is why we continuously invest in the professional development of our people CEO brings to his client professional skills and high-quality services, providing the necessary knowledge to face the most complex business challenge Today, with over 10,000 clients and a complete portfolio of services that responds to the needs of the national and international market, Ceo is one of the most important ‘platforms’ of professional services active in our country.

Francesco Maiello


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