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How Fire Watch Guards Help Fire Prevention Systems

Building owners and those handling construction sites are usually relying on fire alarms or prevention systems. Manufacturers of the most advanced ones ensure that their products will work when needed the most. Though these may give buyers assurance, having these systems alone is not enough especially when fires break out.

Whether it is required by the state or looking for peace of mind, fire watch guards are a great help. These fire prevention systems are like robots, they still require human intervention even when it is working fine. This is the main reason why fire watch guards can be your best bet even when you already have a fire alarm system or prevention equipment.

Take notes

Though fire alarms and prevention system can detect fire, it does not have the capacity to know where the fire started. Since fire watch guards can monitor the area and know where could be the possible cause of the accident, they can take notes and keep them for future reference. This will help in determining the root cause to prevent it from happening in the future. For example, if the building structure can cause a fire, the fire watch guard’s notes can help.

Working when fire prevention systems don’t

The majority of business establishments have some form of security system in place to combat crime and safeguard staff and customers. Unfortunately, these technologies are not perfect, and there are instances when a human presence is required to add an extra degree of security. This is the importance of contacting fire watch security services. These are the firms that provide security guards to monitor your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can alert authorities automatically

Depending on the state requirement or the fire prevention system installed, these alarms are sometimes required to contact the fire department manually. Whenever there’s fire, we can’t expect everyone to call the authorities. Fire watch guards are the first people on the scene and can alert the fire department as soon as the fire starts. Even if they are highly trained, attempting to control fire would be risky since they may lack the necessary equipment. The best strategy to contain a fire is to call for help as soon as possible.

They can be a “moving” alarm

Let’s say, the building is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire alarm. However, there is still a risk that it may not work as expected. Whenever this happens, fire watch guards can alert people in the area or building, especially in areas where the fire is not yet visible. In short, they can serve as a replacement for the alarm whenever it is defective.

The presence of a fire watch guard safety specialist on your property is really beneficial. If you provide full-time fire watch services, you may have an edge over competing organizations. Fire watch guards not only fight fires, but they also help to prevent possible crimes. Depending on the reason for which they are hired, they can offer 24-hour protection and fulfill numerous roles.

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