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How Fintech Paved the Way For Simple Investing

Fintech Simple Investing

Advancements in technology have had a major disruption in the daily operations of businesses today. Businesses are trying as hard as they can to ensure that they keep up with technological changes and provide what their customers want.

This has proved important in making sure that they remain operational and survive in their respective markets.

The financial industry has not been left behind. Even though the traditional financial investment industry has struggled to adapt to changes in technology, digital transformations have left no option for the industry but to embrace the change.

This has been the game-changer and the clear difference between investment companies that are thriving and those that have closed shop.

Fintech is transforming the financial investment industry in different ways. For instance, businesses are now using innovation to streamline their services, boost efficiency, and implement advanced technologies like the use of artificial intelligence and the cloud. This has played a major role in fintech paving the way for simple investing. 

Fintech is enabling simple investing through a number of ways, key among them;

Low-Cost Investment Platforms

The cost of developing a software application had initially been very high depending on the functionalities of the application. However, this has so far changed especially due to new technologies such as the use of APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces).

Today, fintech companies are implementing APIs when building an app to ensure that they do not write the entire code from scratch. 

This has led to new fintech applications that are making investment straightforward. In addition, the percentage of people who have access to such applications for investment has tremendously grown over the past few years.

For instance, check out some of the investment options in this list of the 23 best money-making apps that allow you to invest and make money from the comfort of your home.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in boosting simple investment. Fintech companies are relying on AI to understand the behavior of their customers and to predict any future changes in this behavior.

As such, investment companies can understand how simple their customers need their investments to be and adjust according to the requirements.

In addition, gone are the days when customers had to physically visit their investment companies and partners to make any investment.

Today, through fintech, customers can access all the investment services from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet and the right applications. This shows how automation is changing how we do business and paving the way for simple investing.

Customer Data Management

Investment companies collect a lot of data from their customers. Initially, customers were forced to fill enormous forms even when making a simple investment.

This opened the door for human error as well as creating a loophole when it came to customer data management. Many customers did not want to invest due to issues related to the management of their data.

However, fintech has changed data management and the entire financial ecosystem. Today, investment companies can collect their customer data through applications and without having the customers visit their offices physically. Customers are finding this easy and are now able to invest without having to worry about the management of their data. This has been vital in paving the way for simple investment.

Smooth Execution of Investment Services

The flexibility that comes with fintech services is very important in offering convenience to investors.

Most investment companies are now able to offer their services through different platforms such as mobile and web applications. This is vital in ensuring quicker results and highly efficient services. 

In addition, fintech has allowed for the smooth execution of investment services. For instance, no matter the amount of money you want to invest, you are able to track your history and portfolio to see the kind of investments that best meets your requirements.

You are also able to set your investment goals and see what you can achieve within a given period of time. This has paved the way for simple investing.


Technology is vital in the operations of financial institutions today. It comes with many advantages among them innovation, efficiency, security, and streamlining of services. However, financial investment institutions need to make sure that they are partnering with the right technology companies to spearhead their digitization and innovation strategies. 

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