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How Explainer Videos are Vital to Grow your Business

Explainer Videos are ruling the video marketing industry. Every marketer is now using explainer videos to explain their business ideas, concepts, and offering to their prospects.

If you don’t know what an explainer video is, let me define it for you.

An explainer video is a short-animated clip, usually 1 minute long, that businesses use to draw attention to their brand narrative. They gained popularity after a business called Common Craft produced a video demonstrating how to utilize Twitter.

Are explainer videos effective, and do they work?

Businesses frequently struggle to explain what they do in a way that is simple for their consumers to grasp. Have you ever visited websites and left without truly understanding the business’s mission or the services it provides? Exactly, in this case, an animated video might be beneficial.

Explainer videos, which combine audio and video can sharply and simply communicate a company’s or brand’s value proposition while also significantly increasing retention rates.

We enjoy good tales as humans, especially when they allow us to interact with concepts that are already recognizable to us. Explainer videos are more effective at communicating new ideas to viewers when new ideas are combined with known ones.

Moreover, explainer videos are not costly, and this asset is reusable. Generally, a simple explainer video price starts from $2,500 and goes up to $4,500. 

But this price can vary if you have some unique demands or ideas in your mind.

The difference between branded and explainer videos

Many businesses get right into video production while including branded snippets in their content marketing. 

Explainer videos are not the same as these. Branded videos offer interesting and enlightening material but can’t truly be animated, making them more like advertisements. Additionally, they are lengthier than explanation videos.

While explaining a variety of concepts in a little amount of time, explainer videos help viewers comprehend the mission and goals of a company as well as the significance of its goods and services. 

In other words, explainer videos explain to viewers the reason for a specific company’s existence through a short narrative.

Plus, there are many video animation production companies that provide explainer video services. You can easily outsource your requirement to anyone of them.

How can businesses use explainer videos?

According to experts, video is the ideal medium for disseminating information when utilized properly since it stimulates both the visual and aural senses. The viewer can learn this new knowledge and remember it for a long time, thanks to this dual strategy. 

Consider this: Each month, YouTube receives over a billion unique visits, which corresponds to more than 6 billion hours of video viewing! If you’re not reaching out to this constantly growing audience, you’re severely losing out!

How do company explainer videos benefit?

The fact that Google rewards websites with longer visitor sessions are one of the primary causes behind the phenomenal rise of online video. It goes without saying that viewers will spend time watching your site’s videos if they are intriguing. 

Explainer videos have gained popularity since they are inexpensive and useful for expanding a business.

This fantastic marketing tool aids in increasing sales, clarifying your offer, and increasing conversion rates. Let’s examine how explainer videos benefit businesses in more detail:

Increase conversion rates

According to research, 85% of viewers of explainer videos are more inclined to make a buy. 

Explainer videos assist business owners in monitoring the number of website visits that represent potential clients. 

Additionally, explainer videos reveal the number of views for each video, letting you know what product or service customers are interested in, negating the need for manual sales counting to determine popular goods.

Explain your offerings very well

 Explaining through written material may not always be effective since readers can perceive written content in a number of different ways. 

However, explainer videos are rather simple and help viewers comprehend your product or service through audio and visual cues. Use the explainer video to show your target audience why they should choose you over your rival in a way that will better connect with them.

Rank better in SERPs

As previously noted, Google favors websites that have longer visitor sessions. Large websites with plenty of content and photos that haven’t been updated in decades will rank lower on Google searches, giving them less exposure. These websites also tend to turn people away. 

On the other hand, explainer videos hold the attention of viewers and aid them in swiftly making a purchasing choice, which raises the site’s position in search engine result pages.

Pique more interest

A growing number of companies use photos and videos to promote their goods and services on social media. Over 70% of internet users, according to studies, watch online videos. Videos can increase interest in your company, its goods, and its services.

Increase site traffic

Even while there is no surefire way to create a video that will eventually go “viral,” numerous items, including many worldwide brands we all buy today, have become well-known as a result of viral videos.

Increasing audience knowledge retention is important since, on average, we only remember 10% of what we hear, but experts claim that if we see something, we might remember up to 50% of it. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising; when people enjoy a video, they often share it, which helps expand your audience.

Make your elevator pitch more compelling

 A paper pitch sometimes falls flat. Charts and catchphrases in PowerPoint presentations don’t always work to keep your audience’s attention. So, get things moving! 

To make your pitch, create an explanatory video. A strong narrative, the appropriate soundtrack, and eye-catching images can grab the viewer’s attention right away. 

If your product or service is complex, an explanation video might be very useful. Traditional online material, such as dense text, Flash and photos, colorful typefaces, and so forth, tends to upset or confuse viewers rather than pique their interest. In addition, this type of content significantly slows down your website’s load time.

Your explainer video doesn’t have to be limited to your website and is easily shareable. You can post them online on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and utilize keywords to draw in viewers. 

These websites are simple to use on smartphones, so even if your site is not responsive, mobile viewers can still access your video through these websites and see it. People prefer to watch and share videos more frequently than they read and share lengthy passages of text.

Show off your individuality

Identify yourself to the audience; don’t just act like a nameless company selling goods online. What’s the best approach to go about it? Video explanations, of course! Putting a face to a name enables the audience to connect with you and develop trust in you.

There are many more advantages than those we have stated here, but doing so would take much too much time. Perhaps we will create an explanatory video to go through these advantages. 

Organizations and people generate videos all around the world for awareness raising, publishing reviews, product demos, you name it. More evidence is that video is the most widely used medium for information sharing and product promotion.

Wind Up

So, this was all about why marketers need explainer videos to grow their businesses. Explainer videos can help businesses in many ways. 

In scenarios when brands get stuck and don’t know how to deliver the information, they go with explainer videos. Moreover, the benefits explainer videos bring to the table are quite impressive.

If you think you will invest in this video marketing asset, then it’s the best decision you’ll ever make for your business. 


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