How Evinature Spearheads the Gold Standard in Evidence-Based Natural Remedies for IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis

Gastrointestinal disorder is one of the most common diseases that men and women suffer worldwide. From IBD, and Crohn’s, to colitis, the number of GD patients has been increasing at an unprecedented rate over the last decade. In a global study by the Gastro Journal, about 40% of the total world population suffers from a form of gastrointestinal disease – 49.5% of which are women, and 50.5% are men.

While the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are continuously conducting scientific research to assist patients via remedies and pain management, there is currently no known cure for IBD, Crohn’s, or colitis. But one of the biggest gaps in modern medicine is the patient’s global accessibility to accurate medical assessments and affordable treatments. Evinature, a startup that leads cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD, aims to provide more patients with safe and natural remedies that are embraced by the medical community by filling the void between traditional and modern medicine.

How Did it All Start?

The idea behind Evinature started in 2011 when Nir Salomon, an integrative medical expert, joined forces with Professor Shomron Ben-Horin, M.D. to confirm curcumin as an effective treatment for IBD. This led to a successful four-year placebo-controlled trial that was published in a top global medical journal and led to the inclusion of curcumin in the ECCO Practice Position Statements – a great trailblazing step for natural medicine. Thereafter, they both founded Evinature intending to promote safe and clinically validated natural remedies. The patient-focused platform provides integrative strategies, guided care from a collective of integrative and GI experts, research updates, and vital information to the community.

The Gold Standard in Evidence-Based Medicine

Evinature recognizes that every individual patient has specific needs. Treatment isn’t a one size fits all concept, hence each case should be meticulously assessed, and provided with the most suitable strategy for their unique condition through a finely tuned plan. 

Regular Patient Reports allow Evinature to conduct accurate adjustments to recovery plans. Not only does it guarantee efficiency over time, but it also keeps patients in the loop with the progress of their condition. The team at Evinature considers that patients are their greatest resource, and they leverage their data by developing a research database that allows each member to contribute their invaluable experience so they can help more people achieve long-lasting health and wellness. 

What’s more, these reports serve as the basis for their continued research in helping more patients in the future. In the same light, as Evinature promotes data-driven results and strong evidence-based verification, they emphasize product quality and scientific integrity above everything else, exclusively distributing products that have passed through the golden standard of clinical trials. 

A Guided Recovery Tailored to Individual Needs

Assessment is an integral part of getting to the bottom of a problem. Evinature enables users to take a comprehensive assessment to receive a personalized protocol that addresses their specific needs. Each answer will help the team identify the state of the patient’s condition and medical background. Then, they will receive full support and guidance from experts throughout their entire course of treatment. This includes a tailored plan containing detailed instructions for patients to get the best possible outcome. A Personal Assessment & Comparable Assessment will also be provided so patients can assess their condition about other patients and know what to expect.

Evinature is backed by scientific facts and proven methods, enabling them to establish a bulletproof standard: peer-reviewed; double-blind; placebo-controlled; integrated into leading medical centers; published in high-impact medical journals, and consistent results across medical centers.

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