How EQUI Capital will Transform the Venture Capital Market.

EQUI capital blockchain project is changing the world of cryptocurrency. Their aim is to introduce the idea of venture capital, which is the process of providing financial assistance to new and upcoming companies that have proven themselves over time into the blockchain industry. Generally venture capital is not a bad idea; it is currently yielding a generous amount of profits and giving investors opportunities to invest in mind blowing investments. What the EQUI capital blockchain project intends to do is to merge the traditional venture capital fundraising with blockchain technology and digital currencies

How does it work?

An investor in the EQUI capital blockchain project is not left to make investment decisions on their own. EQUI will provide information on the best investment opportunities in form of assets, upcoming new generation companies which are mostly real world investments to investors. EQUI would also provide investors with the required business knowledge, insights and instructions that would help move their current investment up the scale but in order to buy stakes in any new company you have to do so using the EQUI tokens. This would allow you get your desired return on investment and make you eligible to purchase stakes in the first place

What EQUI would be providing is an opportunity for people with no sales or marketing knowledge, people without finances or no knowledge of how to operate in the world or the local market to invest irrespective. The platform comes in two ways; the EQUI mobile app and the EQUI business. These two forms of EQUI provide the same support for users generally; it gives you the general functionality of a search engine and even more; provides you with all the information you need, provides you with suitable advice and also provides you with help whenever you need it. The EQUI business on the other hand provides you with an additional two way search engine, which means you can either submit a request or review a request and provide answers. It means that you do not have an AI at the back end instead it works with natural intelligence which is more like a forum where a human provides you with answers to your questions and where you can decide to provide answers too.

EQUI is also seeking means to decentralise the venture capital system. Everything is clear to whoever is interested in investing hence their decision to make use of nodes which are human users that review all the questions people ask in order to help them make the right decisions in whatever business they decide to venture in. so far the EQUI capital blockchain project has been transparent in all their dealings and have built trust in the blockchain industry. 

An allocation of  250m issued 65% in public sale 33% to team 2% for bounty” will be issued by EQUI.

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