How Effective Is IT Management?

How Effective Is IT Management?

Until recently, companies had no choice but to hire in-house IT staff to handle all of their IT needs. However, it’s now possible to hire outside help thanks to cloud computing, improved remote access capabilities, and widespread internet access. You no longer need to depend on IT workers in the office. With IT management companies, you can hire managed IT services that take care of the IT work for you. But how effective is this model of IT management?

How Effective Is IT Management?

For the average company, managed IT services will prove more effective. This is especially true for small to medium size businesses (SMBs). SMBs are often still operating on tight margins, which would be decimated by the high salaries that IT employees require. Managed IT also gives companies access to specialized IT personnel that most SMBs cannot afford.

Furthermore, managed IT scales up rapidly, which is exactly what SMBs are looking for. However, SMBs aren’t the only companies that can benefit from managed IT. Large businesses can find it helpful to offload certain tasks to a IT management company and give their existing staff more time to focus on bigger projects. Overall, managed IT services are more effective.

Managed IT Is Less Expensive

Cost is typically the most important factor in any business decision. Most businesses find that the cost of managed IT services is negligible compared to the benefits. Managed IT is always cheaper than hiring more IT professionals. Considering that the average entry-level IT worker in the US earns around $45,000, spending a few hundred dollars or even a couple of thousand a month on managed IT is a much better arrangement.

Managed IT services deliver more than a single worker’s worth of productivity. By combining human support with 24/7 software support, your company is constantly being monitored and problems can be addressed more quickly. When you consider that you would have to hire three people to work each shift to get the same results as a contract with a managed IT services provider, the choice becomes clear. Managed IT offers unparalleled savings without sacrificing performance.

Managed IT Companies Grant Access to More Expertise

A couple of decades ago, you could hire a couple of IT generalists and have all the support you needed. However, in today’s businesses, you need a variety of skills. IT now has developed branches that are so involved that a single person cannot master them all. Networking is more complex than before, cybersecurity is a major concern that warrants its own dedicated staff, and your support desk has to deal with more issues as more devices get connected.

It’s inefficient for every business to try to hire one IT professional for each area of need. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, given that the vast majority of companies struggle to find potential hires with the IT skills they need. Managed IT service providers have the complete team you desire. You get access to all of our experts when you rely on our services. Learn more of the services IT management companies provide to see just how many areas can be covered.

Managed IT Services Scale Instantly

As your company scales, you have to hire more people. With IT workers in short supply, your IT department could become a bottleneck that stifles your company’s growth. In contrast, when you hire a company full of IT professionals, you can easily scale the IT support you require as your business expands. It’s the same reason you work with a law firm instead of hiring your own lawyer; when you need more help, the company you work with has your back.

With flat-rate monthly pricing, you can easily predict how your IT spend will increase as you need to scale. You can reach out to your representative at any time to discuss adding new services or expanding on existing ones. Get a quote, start paying the new rate, and you’ve instantly increased your IT capacity without having to go through complex hiring processes.

Managed IT Empowers Your Existing IT Department

Although managed IT can certainly take care of the majority of your IT needs remotely, there will always be some tasks that require a human on site. Managed IT can diagnose a bad printer connection but can’t swap out the toner. However, you want your in-house IT staff to use their time effectively. If your team is bogged down by simple support requests, you’re not taking full advantage of their knowledge and capabilities. Let managed IT handle the mundane work.

If you have multiple locations, you may be able to consolidate some of your IT staff, further saving you money. Ultimately, managed IT synergizes with your IT team, empowering them, and your business, to be more productive and effective.

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