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How Ecommerce Automation Can Improve Your Team’s Productivity

Automation allows your team to complete their routinary tasks quickly and efficiently.

With the right tools and settings, they can run certain functions and tasks on auto-pilot, allowing them to complete the tasks without even touching them.

This allows your team to spend more time on innovation, creativity, customer interaction, and big-picture contemplations.

If you’d like to learn more about how your team can increase their productivity through ecommerce automation, read on.

1. It simplifies your email marketing tasks

Instead of manually emailing every customer, your team can set up instant email delivery on autopilot to multiple recipients, including newly added ones.

For your team to automate your email marketing campaigns, you can use easy-to-use platforms such as MailChimp.

MailChimp lets you automate your marketing campaigns by establishing triggers based on your customers’ activities.

For example, when a new customer registers, you can set MailChimp to send a welcome email automatically.

That way, your team wouldn’t need to check notifications now and then, which disrupts their focus. They can also refrain from spending extra time designing and delivering welcome emails.

Another example is when you want to recover your lost sales and inactive customers. You can automate MailChimp to send abandoned cart emails.

You can choose how soon the delivery of abandoned cart emails will be after shoppers leave their cart. You can also customize the subject line, sender’s name, signature, and other details.

To improve your chances of getting meaningful results out of your email marketing campaigns, embed a stunning email signature.

Email signatures help your brand look more authoritative and trustworthy since your emails look more professional.

That results in 32 percent more replies, 22 percent more clicks, a 15 percent increase in leads, and others.

WiseStamp is a perfect tool you can use to improve your email signatures.

The platform also lets you create and centralize the collection of standardized, branded signatures for your team — whether you customize its templates or design from scratch.

It then allows your team to insert their signatures automatically in their emails on Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and other online mailing channels.

WiseStamp even provides ecommerce, social, organizer, CTA, and other customizable apps your team can insert to optimize your promotional messages.

With automated email marketing solutions, you can augment your ecommerce store’s revenue and enhance your team’s efficiency in running those campaigns.

2. It shortens your social media marketing processes

Because people flock to social media sites to learn about their favorite brands, discover new items, and get updates and announcements, among others, leveraging social media to connect with your customers is one of the best marketing strategies you can use.

Your team, however, would have to take on many tasks when managing your social media marketing, such as frequently posting different content types, monitoring analytics, replying to queries, and more.

For them to be effective in building and managing these campaigns, they need to streamline their processes through automation.

They can do that with the help of tools such as Buffer.

Buffer allows you to automate the publication of your posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest — according to the date you set and then view them in your dashboard.

From your dashboard, you can even drag and drop content if you want the same piece to be published on other platforms.

You can also glean insights on the performance of your posts.

Using tools like Buffer can shorten their social media marketing work from hours to only 30 minutes, freeing up their time for more productive activities.

Marketing reporting is another industry that’s quickly incorporating automation.

3. It makes your customer support more effective

Automation can streamline the work of your customer support team by prioritizing support tickets, helping your team identify unhappy customers and distributing phone calls.

There are powerful small business phone service providers that include auto-attendant and smart routing services allowing you to route inbound calls to the right teams quickly with this professional phone system feature.

There are also lots of apps automating your client onboarding by allowing your customers to schedule meetings with you and get reminded when it is upcoming.

According to Mobiversal, smart automation is the future of customer relationship management because it is the only way to afford what huge corporations already have, i.e. real-time 24/7 customer support.

4. It streamlines your SEO campaigns

Before your SEO campaigns can drive meaningful business growth, your SEO analysis, tracking of backlinks, and on-page audits, among other things, need to be spot on.

Without the basics in place, your SEO campaigns are going to be problematic.

You might end up pursuing keywords that are impossible to rank. And you might build links from sites with bad neighbors.

Sadly, these tasks are time-consuming and require careful thought and execution.

If your team does all of them manually, it will take them countless hours to complete everything.

To automate your staff’s SEO list of to-dos, there are a few powerful SEO software solutions that use automation. One example is SE Ranking.

SE Ranking automates keyword research, website analysis, backlink and ranking monitoring, social media management, report generation, and others.

It provides rich analytics and insights into the number and quality of your site’s and competitors’ backlinks, quickest ways and minimum investments to appear among the first in SERPs, and others.

With automated tools such as SE Ranking, your team’s targets for your SEO campaigns can become more achievable and effortless.

4. It helps your team track their working hours

Keeping track of time is crucial for your team to become more productive.

It allows them to monitor the tasks completed and plan the completion of other assignments with the remaining time.

To help your team track their hours more easily, use time tracking software programs such as Deputy.

With Deputy, your team can quickly oversee their working hours and breaks and validate their time records.

They can instantly clock in and out from their computers, smartphones, or tablets using facial verification or voice commands with the Deputy Kiosk app on iPad.

Deputy auto-fills their time records and verifies their attendance with its GPS location stamp feature.

The platform also helps ensure your team takes their meals and rest breaks — which are crucial for boosting their productivity. It even alerts their supervisors when they substantially miss their breaks.

There are also quite a few productivity tools which use automation to improve your team productivity.

By automating your team’s time tracking, you can bolster their accountability and make the most of their breaks and work hours for maximum productivity.

Improve your team’s productivity with ecommerce automation.

Automation empowers your team to accomplish more tasks with less time and effort, skyrocketing their productivity to greater degrees.

Through these tips and tools, your team can run myriad assignments without neglecting the essential yet routine operations of your store.

When your team automates and quickly finishes menial tasks, they can attend to functions needing more human intervention — further boosting their productivity in your ecommerce store.

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