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How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO & Which One is Best?

Web Hosting Affect SEO

Does website host affect SEO in many ways? Maybe this statement makes you worried about the web hosting that you are going to buy. But before you purchase anything we might want you to know which is the best web hosting. But before we tell you everything directly about the best web hosting service for SEO friendly websites, we want to take you more in-depth.

We would like to tell you how web hosting really impacts SEO health. A few years ago there was not a situation like this. No one connected these two things. But now as you can see SEO is improving day by day and it is becoming more crucial for the websites, so it is being connected with everything.

This Is How Web Hosting Affects SEO

Nowadays SEO services is not only related to keywords or organic traffic. But there are factors like content quality, brand reputation and much more that connect with SEO. SO here we will let you know how web hosting effects the SEO quality of your site. Following are some of the factors that really impact your site’s SEO health.

Page Speed

Page speed is directly linked up with the website hosting. The bad the server of hosting service, the poor and slow web pages you will get. Low page speed can directly hit the SEO health of your website. Following are some factors that create issues when you have a slow page load speed on your site.

  • Bounce Rate

The bounce rate will increase, which is really a bad thing for the website’s SEO health.

  • Less Time Spent

There will be less time spent on your site by the users. So it will send negative signals to the search engines.

  • User Experience

The whole user experience will be ruined due to poor quality and slow page load speed.

Technical SEO

The next important thing is technical SEO. We all know that technical SEO is more related to the backend of the website rather than the front end. That is why we need to check the technical SEO compatibility of web hosting before we buy anything. Following issues will get you in trouble with poor technical SEO support on web hosting.

  • No Proper Indexing

There will be no proper indexing for your website that impacts SEO health.

  • Crawlers Not Impressed

The crawler will find it hard to figure out the content of your site with poor indexing.

  • Sitemaps Not That Good

Sitemaps will also confuse the site users and the search engine crawlers. So it will impact SEO health too.

Redirection Limits

There are some redirection limits on some web hosting. Like the limited number of times, you can redirect or get redirected traffic. Following issues will annoy you.

  • Backlink Quality Impacted

Backlinks will get impacted. There will be no quality backlinks for your site.

  • Less Traffic From Redirection

As a result of the backlink quality impacted, there will be less redirection and less traffic generated from the other sites or the outer world of the internet.

Database Quality

Database quality is also important and it can impact the SEO health of any site. With a poor database and no support service, you will find it hard to improve your SEO. Following problems can ruin the SEO campaign due to poor database quality.

  • Failures

There will be more failures while connecting your files or data through queries.

  • Errors & Bugs

Users will face many errors and bugs when they are browsing media files or data on your site. It can ruin the whole user experience.

Things To Consider While Finding SEO Friendly Hosting

Now let’s get to the things that you need to consider when finding SEO friendly web hosting for your business site. There are many things that you need to consider but we are going to let you know only a few ones.


The uptime and downtime ratio is a must to consider when you are buying web hosting. Must ask the service provider to give you an uptime guarantee. 


The cost is also important to consider. You know that the higher the costs, the higher the quality. So try to avoid cheap web hosting services.

Server Location

The location of the server used by the web hosting service is important. Must know it before you buy anything.

Tools For SEO

Does your web hosting have all the necessary SEO tools compatibility? If they don’t have all the tools, then it becomes difficult for you to achieve huge success in SEO.

Additional Value

Try to get some additional value from the web hosting service provider in terms of SEO. Without additional value, you cannot expect better results from your SEO campaign.

Customer Support System

The customer support system that they are having is important for you. Because many times it is required to get help and support from the service provider.

Final Thought

All web hosting can work well with SEO reseller. With all the required resources and features, you get SEO success easily. However, web hosting is not the key to success in terms of SEO. But with the best web hosting which complies well with SEO, you can easily and smoothly get SEO success for your website.


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