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How does the Keratin Treatment at Home Help Curly Hair?

Every owner of curly hair probably knows what keratin is. After all, it is these girls and women who dream of smooth and even hair, with which keratin can help. After this procedure, the curls become even and smooth, fortunately, this procedure can be done at home. How does the keratin treatment at home work? The main substance is liquid keratin. It saturates the surface of each hair with vitamins and a set of elements necessary for restoration. In addition to liquid keratin, the composition of the products includes proteins, nutrients, plant extracts, and a complex of vitamins.

The result of keratin treatment for curly hair is healthy and strong hair. Their structure remains the same. After the restoration and straightening are completed, you can create a hairstyle or haircut. This procedure simplifies installation. Curls become obedient. After this procedure, it is best to use sulfate-free shampoos. 

How to Choose Keratin Mask? 

Keratin treatment for curly hair should be used as a course, as one application is often not enough. This is because it will take a long time to penetrate deeply into the structure of the curl. You can carry out professional procedures both in the salon and at home. Nutrient components penetrate the bulb and form a protective film around the hair. At home, along with a mask recipe for straightening curls, shampoo is used to restore them. 

It does not matter whether the cosmetic product is prepared in the salon or at home the effect of it will please the woman. When choosing a professional mask with keratin, pay attention to its composition. This keratin treatment at home:

  • nourishes and strengthens damaged strands;
  • promotes the restoration of intercellular bonds in the hair structure;
  • has regenerating properties;
  • gives natural shine;
  • actively saturates with keratin.

In addition to keratin, remember that the product should contain emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, and other ingredients that contribute to the long storage of the mask. Make sure that the drug does not contain parabens.

Carrying out keratin hair straightening at home is completely safe and easy. After this treatment does not use paints containing ammonia and shampoos containing sodium chloride or sulfates. Do not expose your hair to moisture, so when taking a shower, better to wear a special cap. It is impossible to wash your hair after the procedure for 72 hours, and subsequent drying or straightening with irons can be done only after 2 days. 

You can also use natural methods of treatment, then folk recipes are suitable. For this, honey, herbal decoctions, eggs, bread, and olive oil are used. Distribute a small amount of the mask evenly through the hair. Leave on for 20-25 minutes and rinse with warm water. The only drawback of the remedy is that it is not always able to cope with the declared effect. With the help of simple products, good results are achieved. Curls acquire radiance and strength.

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