How does the health ATM make healthcare services more accessible?


Telemedicine kiosks or health ATMs are integrated computer, video conferencing systems, and biomedical diagnostic systems that are connected to internet based networks. It helps to connect telehealth with doctors and allows them to work remotely.

During the pandemic, the need for virtual models of healthcare services has been increasing. And this trend will continue in the future also. The concept of clinics on cloud health ATMs is coming to avail the telemedicine and healthcare platform says Chiang Rai Times.

This system is well implemented with clinics on the cloud to secure patients’ personal health records. The collection of data is earlier done on an experimental basis. If you want to know about the accessibility of health ATMs, you have to read the entire article.

Health ATM opens the health data analytics.

The health ATM helps to ultimately research patient health data using AI tools and machine learning technologies.

  • It can also open the way to health data analytics to provide personalized and predictive medicines.
  • Based on the conducted research, using people’s data, the launch of health ATMs makes it easy for people to access healthcare facilities.
  • Telemedicine kiosks or health ATMs are biomedical diagnostics, integrated computer, video conferencing, and point of care laboratory test systems.
  • The health ATM system is connected to an internet based network and establishes the network between doctors and patients from remote locations.

Health ATM- Personalized medical solution for future

Using the health ATM, healthcare centers can also record the health parameters of patients, which will open the way for health analysis to provide personalized medical solutions.

  • It helps to create the electronic PHR ( personalized health records) for every user, and also these records are available to providers cutting down the manmade and geographical barriers.
  • Currently, the focus of health ATM is to analyze patients’ health data. And also determine the effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, and other body organ systems.
  • Health ATMs will be prove to give a healthy and productive life to Indian citizens.
  • To realize this expectation and aspiration, the rapid development of internet technology. And also telecommunications is need to promote online healthcare services.
  • On the other hand, the highly sophisticated and most develope healthcare is back by world class experiences. And also makes the country the most sought medical destination.
  • By bridging the gap between quality and easily accessible healthcare facilities. The service of health ATMs is a boon in the health industry.

How the healthcare services more accessible

Today, healthcare services are becoming more accessible to people, even in remote locations or in rural areas, and it is only possible through health ATMs. Now, it is possible to access advanced medical facilities in real time.

And if the patient needs critical treatment. Then it is also possible to quickly transfer the patient to well equipped facilities in less time. With the available healthcare facilities.


Health ATM is consider an effective platform to offer quick and quality health services to people in rural and remote areas.

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