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How Does SPC Production Line Shine In Düsseldorf?

As an ideal business platform, K 2022 reflected visionary inspiration by demonstrating trendsetting innovations and developments in October this year. The significance of K 2022 lies in the fact that it is the most effective trade fair of the plastics and rubber industry on the global stage. Therefore, the event allowed companies to establish face-to-face communication, exhibit their brands, and share product experiences.

Meanwhile, Boyu also attended the trade fair at booth number 8bE11-12 that began Oct 19th and ended Oct 26th. It drew awe from the attendees by presenting its distinguished plastic extrusion machinery, particularly for SPC production lines. Its goal was to provide prospective customers with innovative and creative solutions that would increase their level of productivity.

Boyu’s Participation in Its SPC Production Lines

K 2022, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, attracted many visitors to seek awe-inspiring ideas and sustainable solutions. Being the most respected communication platform, K 2022 also educated the visitors about the future direction of the plastics and rubber industry.

Boyu’s participation and SPC production lines at the K 2022 event were a success in different respects. The following is an overview of key aspects achieved by Boyu.

  1. Received a Warm Welcome

Visitors showed great interest in Boyu SPC production lines because extrusion machines shared at the booth were eco-friendly and technologically driven. Moreover, visitors positively welcomed the features brought by Boyu SPC production lines, such as fire retardation, waterproofing, environmental protection, and easy maintenance.

Another thing greatly praised by visitors was the offering of a longer shelf life than other machines presented by competitors, thanks to the consumption of solid materials by the SPC production lines to ensure durability and minimal maintenance.

  1. Satisfied Potential Customers’ Needs

In particular, Boyu has satisfied the potential customers’ needs and overcome two pressing concerns of cost and performance in the plastic industry. By providing high performance and high extrusion rate of SPC production lines and other double screw extruders, Boyu had drawn particular attention. Moreover, the professional sales team from Boyu provided detailed guidance for visitors to experience the machines, helping them learn more about Boyu and its products.

  1. Built-Up a Reputable Company Image

Boyu developed a reputable company image by placing innovative plastic extrusion machinery with distinguishing features. Last but not least, Boyu attended to its visitors warmly at its booth, and its team answered all their queries about machines, along with embracing feedback generously from them for future improvements. In this condition, Boyu is glad to enhance its brand awareness at this fair.

About Boyu

The K 2022 fair trade was a complete success for Boyu. It has achieved its goals, from increasing brand awareness to capturing new clients. So, Boyu is glad it participated in such an important event, and it reassures its client base that it will keep giving its best shot.

Boyu is a superior-quality plastic extruder machine supplier that covers design, production sales, and after-sales service while having an experience of over two decades and holds 90+ technical patents. Its plastic extrusion machinery, such as single or double-screw extruders, exhibits productivity-boosting, power-saving, and performance-enriching traits that will never disappoint users.

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