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How Does ServiceNow HR Management Help Manage Work Requests?

Modern businesses must offer essential support and service to internal and external clients and workers to run efficiently. Unfortunately, not all service requests are easy to understand. Employees might need to add new information from the network operator and assumptions about the kind of service they can anticipate using the offered service entirely. The origin and nature of the most typical requirements, the specifics of individual service request objectives, and the cost and quality of satisfying customer inquiries are just a few elements businesses might not be entirely aware of. This article will explain how ServiceNow’s HR management solutions can help manage work requests.

What Exactly is a Service/Work Request?

A request for assistance from an individual, client, or vendor is what a service request is. As a standard aspect of service delivery, these requests are required to initiate a consented service action. Expressed service requests often involve acquiring or seeking access to a resource the employee/businesses does not already have. As previously indicated, they are formal requests that follow a predefined structure and pertain to facilities that have already been specified. 

What Advantages Does Service Request Management Offer?

ServiceNow HR management solutions are an efficient way to handle, supervise, monitor, and carry out requests. As a result, it provides enterprises with the following benefits:

  • Recommendations from the service catalog are uniformed

Service catalogs that are easy to use by employees are incorporated into service request management. These catalogs not only provide workers with a thorough understanding of the services provided, but they may also assist control user performance standards using ServiceNow HR service management by giving pertinent details like anticipated completion timeframes and resources. 

  • Accurate tracking

A lot may happen between making a service request & shutting the case. The ability to track requests inside service request management guarantees that everyone is completely informed of the progress of each active request. The reliability of cost and time predictions may be increased by tracking to assist departments in setting and maintaining service objectives based on previous data.

  • Process integrated fulfilment

ServiceNow HR management solutions never, by their very nature, be handled in a vacuum; to be addressed appropriately, they must be connected to the procedures and fulfilment teams in charge of just seeing them and throughout completion. When properly used, service management openly links these crucial aspects to guarantee timely, reasonably priced delivery of services.

What are the Priorities for Service Request Management?

HR Management of service requests can be a challenging task. We list the main objectives below for professional services to concentrate on:

  • Support frontline teams as a priority

Anxious personnel may get upset or aggressive when they feel their demands are not being met swiftly. Service request fulfilment may be a futile task that rapidly exceeds time and resource capabilities.

Make the health and growth of support teams a significant focus to address these problems. Establish frequent meetings to discuss and work through any possible issues, and remain alert to any resources, help from others, or skills training that might build and improve these teams.

  • Centralize the processing of requests

HR managers do not want service requests pouring out from a myriad of sources, and neither do workers have to handle a variety of service request channels, each of which is tailored to a particular division or problem usingServiceNow services

Processes for making service requests can be significantly enhanced by a uniform, central site designed to be user-friendly and accessible. The knowledge that any recommendations they may well have may be made through it with a recognizable self-service portal will increase employee satisfaction.

  • Bring satisfaction to the forefront

Service activity grows more prolonged, costly, and complex, with more layers between the individual and the fulfilment team. Eliminate any intermediaries that may be safely cut out, and to the maximum extent, take demand fulfilment to the front of the line. Clear interaction between workers leads to quicker ticket response, streamlined procedures, and lower expenses.

  • Use automation where applicable

Most of the time, handling service requests has many manuals, low stress, and repetitive labor. Furthermore, although such duties could be crucial for completing the requirements, they might also be time-consuming and susceptible to human error. The answer is automation, which enables support teams to lighten responsibilities, feel compelled, and bring service requests along more rapidly.


ServiceNow is transforming how businesses tackle service requests all across the world. ServiceNow HR management solutions, a component of ServiceNow ITSM and based on the Automation Now Platforms, offer consumers and workers a simple self-service alternative for requesting services, goods, and responses anyplace, at any moment, on any device.

Use guided design tools to create a comprehensive, searchable service catalog. Integrate chatbots that use natural language into worker portals to deliver quick responses and fixes. Utilize drag-and-drop tools to generate graphical processes. Apply built-in automated programs to the products in the service catalog.

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