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How does Secret Shopping Work – The Five Steps Process

Measuring and monitoring the organization’s performance is necessary to improve and deliver the desired customer experience. Mystery Shopping is one technique that helps improve brand standards across locations and bring the appropriate user delight. And, if you are looking to employ the Mystery or Secret Shopper, then first, it is required to understand How does Secret Shopping Work. Let’s acquaint all readers with its step-by-step working methodology in this post.

1. Define the Purpose: The first step in the Mystery Shopping process is to define its objective. No one knows your business better than you, and the techniques of Mystery Shopping are known to the service provider. So, in the first step, your team needs to collaborate to understand its purposes, such as billings, customer service, operational excellence, and many others. Then this particular information will be utilized by your service provider to design the questionnaire, which will properly measure the required points and will be helpful in Mystery Shopping Research.

2. The Real Experience: In this step, the experience will be gained. The Mystery Shopper will visit the location to collect unbiased information and data per your brand’s objectives and goals. Based on the defined objective, the Secret Shoppers will observe and record the employee behavior, certain operations, and service quality crucial to your brand’s success. It will help in proper evaluation and analysis to achieve the desired aim.

3. Quality Assurance: The third step in How does Secret Shopping Work should not be confused with the evaluation and analysis. This step involves quality assurance and does not include driving insights only. To ensure the reliability of the data, the Quality Assurance team will review all the information before processing. This team will ensure that the location evaluated is correct, there are no response contradictions, the objective is fulfilled, the derogatory comments are removed, and the shop procedures are accurate. There are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the comments is also ensured.

4. Analysis: This step is essential in the Secret Shopping process and to fulfill the aim of the Mystery Shopping Research. You may analyze the data with the help of the customer experience platforms in place of spreadsheets. Choosing the right customer experience platform is essential to meet your business’s needs. It will also be valuable in holistic analysis and making it simple and convenient. You may also be able to highlight the priority or trending concerns across all the locations.

5. Take Action and Repeat: The last step in Secret Shopping is taking action and repeating. The efficient and right Mystery Shopping Program helps reach the right information to the right people at the proper time. It means you can understand and improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses to offer your customers a delightful experience.

The Final Verdict

After gaining insight into How does Secret Shopping Work through this post, it also becomes crucial to learn that Mystery Shopping is a continuous phenomenon. Since the users’ expectations change over time, it becomes necessary to look at the steps per their needs and requirements. Intouch Insight is a well-known Mystery Shopping Services organization working to make your brand succeed and offer a good customer experience. So, utilize their services to look at things from the customer’s perspective and make your brand drive operational excellence and quality.

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