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How Does Link Tracking Work With Affiliate Programs?

Link Tracking

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic method for companies and individual marketers to generate income. It also promotes the business related to the affiliate program and boosts its sales.

You may have heard that affiliate marketing involves commissions and referrals. Brands and affiliates may use tracking to get valuable insight into which aspects of their online activity produce the most traffic, conversions, and clicks. SEO and, as a result, link tracking is the number one traffic source for affiliate marketing.

Whoever is dealing with the link promotes it through their own channels. Affiliate webmasters can be any digital marketer, affiliate marketer, PPC, or SEO manager. First, they might post on their website and social media networks. After that, their target audience may discover more about the product or a brand.

The Right Tools for the Job

Link tracking can help you see customer conversion rates and calculate the return on investment.

Without proper means to see the data associated with the affiliate links, you can’t tell for sure if the newly created hyperlink that leads to your landing page works or not. This is not an issue if you use a dedicated tracking system.

An affiliate click tracking software – such as the one used in Phonexa’s suite – can help you generate links and track their parameters for all the affiliates. Lynx is a type of click tracking software that enables generating affiliate links and provides you with all the relevant data that allows you to calculate potential ROI reasonably accurately. In addition, you can ask for a demo to evaluate the toolset and compare it to other link tracking alternatives.

Benefits of Link Tracking

As a rule, all affiliate links use a unique affiliate ID. An affiliate ID refers to a unique URL with the affiliate’s ID or username. The merchant can track affiliate performance and traffic sent to the advertiser’s site. Why is this important in affiliate marketing? Below are some of the reasons why:

  • It is easy to see and compare the performance of the affiliate links. A link tracking system makes it simple to see which posts, affiliate links, and marketing channels are bringing in the most money for you.
  • Link tracking can improve CTR. Affiliate marketers and link managers use URL shortening. Many link management tools also allow you to brand your links (i.e., use a custom domain name), which can aid in the development of brand awareness and trust.
  • Tracking links protects your earnings. Unique IDs make it harder to spoof or steal affiliates’ data and commissions.

At the end of the day, when you have a proper link tracking system in place, it is easier to make informed decisions. When you know which links and posts yield the best results, you can decide to promote them more actively. You can also create related posts or upgrade previous posts to increase traffic and conversions.

Final Thoughts

Modern click tracking software products include all the capabilities and functionality that performance marketers want. In addition, it enables them to evaluate and comprehend all of the clicks- and link-related data they may require.

Link tracking software in an affiliate network makes it so much easier to employ granular analytics that gives you an insight into conversion rates, performance, and other essential metrics that a business cannot grow without.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting as an affiliate or an experienced webmaster. Knowing which campaigns work and which don’t is the key to success, and you can’t do it without a link tracking system.

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