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How does help to grow your online business?

Do you want your local store to have an online presence? Many online retail management services can assist a local store owner in doing so, but we believe that none of them can compete with the services of was launched in 2021 to revolutionize the $800 billion local store market. They’ve created a platform for retailers who aren’t particularly tech-savvy, and they can easily use it to manage their services.

Not only that, but their many great features for customers have helped them establish a good reputation in the online retail management market. Let’s read on to learn more about the company and what a retail management service is.

What is a retail management service?

A retail management system is a framework that incorporates several modules to assist in the day-to-day operations of a retail store or chain. These operations include managing and purchasing inventory, scheduling employee shifts, checking out customers, keeping track of finances, and a variety of other tasks.

RMS can help retailers optimize entire store operations, including procurement, sales, and back-office tasks like accounting and human resources. An integrated platform like this provides a single source of truth for all retail data and can help departments collaborate more effectively. 

You can utilize mobile versions of the software in a variety of settings, including stores and warehouses. This application is available to all retail employees, but it is especially useful for managers and supervisors who need to plan and track operations across several company functions. is an example of a store that assists small company owners with not only the management of their store but also the opportunity to conduct business with thousands of people online.

Why is an online retail management platform better?


The main benefit of online retail stores is that it makes the customer’s life easier. Most people lead hectic lives, and if they need to buy something, they will most probably do so online rather than in a physical store. It saves them time, effort, and money. Simply put, doing it from the convenience of their own homes is far more convenient than doing it in a store.

That is most likely the key to the success of online retail business stores. Smaller businesses are unlikely to reach such heights, but following in the footsteps of the big players is always worthwhile. Online retail stores are always preferred over traditional retail for all of these reasons.

Operation Cost

The cost of doing business online is lower because workers are not required at each location; no health or security personnel are required. When it comes to sales, workers are only required; everything else happens automatically. 

In some cases, no inventory is required if the sale is direct. This is the main reason why some online retailers have lower prices than conventional stores.

Round The Clock Availability

There are no closing hours for an online business. Employees are not required to run the store. You couldn’t do the same thing in a regular physical store that wouldn’t attract many customers at night. Customers can shop at any time, resulting in increased profits.

What are the general functions of a retail management platform?

Order Management And Inventory Control

Inventory management is a crucial component of any RMS, from the time of purchase through order fulfillment. The act of tracking inventory levels, sales, and order fulfillment is known as inventory management. An RMS shows retailers which goods, colors, and sizes are the most preferred among their customers using inventory analytics. 

This data can assist shops in placing orders for additional items or deciding whether or not to develop new products. While some RMS platforms come with their inventory capabilities, most of them can be integrated with other inventory management software.

Retailers can also manage waitlist inventory and automate shipping and fulfillment operations. Even better, merchants may utilize an RMS to ensure that product colors, sizes, and discounts are consistent throughout all sales channels.

Reporting And Analytics

Data is gathered from numerous platforms and shown in a single location by retail management systems. RMS reporting and analytics are designed to show you complex data and help you understand it better.

The reporting functions of RMS give defined, accurate data in a simple-to-understand format. Similarly, the analytics function enables retailers to make well-informed judgments in uncertain circumstances.

RMS data depicts how various components of a business, such as in-store and online consumer activity, interact with one another. This information assists retailers in better understanding consumer behavior and how to use that knowledge to attract and keep customers.


The user can utilize retail management software to improve existing customer relationships and find new and prospective customers. The software enables the user to provide outstanding customer service and reclaim former consumers. 

It keeps track of notes for various customer accounts, allowing the user to examine the physical addresses of customers to determine regional trends. The user can track each customer’s money spent and refunded.

Employee/Vendor Management

The user of retail management software can manage the team accounts for all employees and vendors. It provides the user with precise access to those who are essential to the business’s success. 

Employee accounts can be swiftly created, allowing them to log in and examine the tabs related to certain work or tasks. The inventory level can be reviewed by the vendors, which aids in reordering.

Point of Sales

In the retail industry, a POS unit is used to manage, start, and complete purchase transactions. It eventually proves to be one of the most crucial components of a retail management system. Basic efficiency, robustness, correctness, data entry of financial systems and inventory management, and simple integration with consumer loyalty programs should all be present in POS.

Aside from that, some functions are commonly incorporated into the POS. One of the most significant characteristics is the quick and easy product lookup. It should be simple to create an invoice. The product information could be added right away.

Acceptance of numerous payment methods is another crucial element that should be available in the POS. Only credit cards or cash are accepted at some obsolete POS terminals. Advanced retail management software that accepts payments via mobile wallets, UPI, points, and a combination of these two ways is suggested.

Customers nowadays seek out customer-friendly establishments that allow them to return or receive a refund for their purchases. To enhance the customer experience, it is vital to determine whether the POS has this feature.

How does help to grow your online business?

Onboarding Products

Your clients and your company will benefit from the onboarding process in the long run. Customers’ life is made easier through onboarding. They have easy access to the information and expertise they need to use your products. It enables them to navigate through the process with ease and contributes to a sense of trust in your retail store.

The way you welcome new clients sets the tone for the rest of your engagement with them. It also boosts client lifetime value, lowers churn, and converts new users into regular customers. features an easy onboarding process with quick approvals from its specialists.

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Inventory Management

One of the foundations of a successful retail operation is inventory management. Techniques for retail inventory management assist retailers and internet sellers in satisfying customers, lowering expenses, and increasing revenues.

With, you can quickly manage your inventory without any hassle. They show you exactly how much stock you have and how much more you need, making inventory levels easy to spot and lowering storage and transport costs for surplus goods.

Not only that, but merchants want to prevent running out of stock to avoid disappointing customers and missing sales. Retailers can utilize’s inventory management feature to figure out how much stock is “just right” to keep on hand without having too much or too little.

This amount will be higher for bestsellers than it will be for less common products. Retailers can also react quickly with real-time sales and inventory information by reordering, relocating products from another location, or dropping off shipping to customers.

Online Order Management

It is a system that tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment and is known as an online order management system. Everything is covered, from order routing and shipping label printing to refunds and subscription administration. has a profound online order management system that will notify you of any new orders, and you can quickly handle them via their Google Play Store app. It offers automation and integration at every stage of the order process. This enables stores to provide consistent consumer experiences across all channels. It simplifies service provider automation and consolidates data into a single interface.

In addition, it facilitates the reduction of manual processes. Manual methods will never be able to compete with the pace of online order management, and they are significantly more vulnerable to human mistakes. From calculating shipping costs to generating fulfillment requests, an order management system automates as much as feasible. 

Counter Sale’s software allows you easy management of all counter sales. It allows you to learn more about your clients without putting in a lot of effort or money. If you want to track conversion rates or the number of consumers who purchase out of all the people who visit your online store on a particular day, you’ll need a counter sale. 

A counter sale is a must-have for your company. When it comes to processing counter sales orders, your consumers will appreciate the speed. Counter Sales makes it simple for your team to keep track of missed sales opportunities. With lost sales statistics, you can discover what customers want but can’t get because you’re out of stock. Counter Sales will provide you with revenue-generating options.

Online Payment offers a safe and secure online payment mechanism. Not only that, but they provide you with a variety of payment options, including UPI, credit/debit card, and online banking. There is no theft, loss, or fraud in their payment process. The payment statement provides strong documentation for the entire payment procedure. 

Customers feel safe using the online payment option as a result of this. It only takes a few minutes to make these online payments. While physical payments take a long time to assess and accept, the online payment procedure responds quickly and accepts payments in a matter of seconds.

Online payment methods enable online merchants to be more responsive and prompt in their payment processes. Customers are quickly notified of transactions when they make a payment over an online medium via SMS and email. 


Khata is a unique tool that allows you to keep track of all credit sales. It will enable all shops to remind customers who have purchased things on credit to make their payments. When these shops used to keep a manual record of their consumers, it was difficult to keep track of so many accounts. 

This used to lead to record-keeping disputes due to a lack of openness between retailers and distributors. Khata will become a critical component of their operations. It will assist them in maintaining records while also providing transparency on both ends.

The Khata service’s simple, convenient, and paperless concept will completely transform the way small and medium businesses operate. They will no longer need to keep track of their transactions using hardcopy diaries or paper-based account books. It will allow individuals to digitize their financial records and access them from any location.


We believe we have answered your question, “How does help to grow your online business?” has assisted over 100 retailers in setting up their online stores, and they have over 1000 satisfied customers who have purchased from these stores.

Aside from the features mentioned above, also offers customers the option of scheduling deliveries and allows shopkeepers to manage inventory without the use of expensive POS systems.

After an order has been placed, a tracking link will be sent to the customer’s mobile device via SMS. Customers can use this link to monitor the status of their orders. is here to change the game by providing excellent services not only to customers but also to shopkeepers.

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