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How does AI affect modern society ?


The debate about the impact of artificial intelligence on society is still ongoing. Many people still consider AI an absurdity because of the negative effects it may have in the future. They argue that AI makes life easier, but it could cause many issues in the future.

Those who oppose AI vehemently are people who are used to the traditional ways of doing things and may likely lose their jobs. Naturally, humans often find it difficult to embrace change. Let’s take a critical look at the impact of AI in modern society.

Positive Impact of AI on the society

Even the diehard AI antagonist will agree to some extent that it has some positive side. Let’s check the benefits of AI below:

Reduces error

Humans are prone to errors and mistakes. But with AI, most errors have been significantly reduced, and it has increased accuracy. Most decisions that AI makes are based on data, and it often uses algorithms. If the AI is programmed properly, it will work efficiently and reduce every possible error. With the best AI tools on the market, freelance writers jobs are easier.

24 h/24 and 7 j/7 availability

Some studies have shown that humans are productive between 3 and 4 hours daily. Usually, humans need breaks often and may even take sick leave, etc. However, AI can work 24 h/24 and 7 j/7 without any breaks. AI also handles tedious, repetitive tasks.

Unbiased decisions

AI has no emotions like humans. This is a huge advantage because it makes decisions based on Upractical and rational approaches. Decisions made by AI are based on data and information.

Perilous task

You can create AI robots that carry out difficult tasks instead of humans. For instance, AI robots have been used countless times to defuse bombs and explore the deepest parts of the ocean. Using humans to carry out hazardous tasks is costly, and many dangerous restrictions exist.

Decision making

AI makes decisions faster compared to humans. Automating certain tasks reduces the time wasted trying to make the right decision. For instance, in some high stake environments where decisions must be made quickly, AI will make it faster, reduce errors and possibly save lives.

Downsides of Artificial Intelligence

No doubt AI also has a downside, even though the advantages seem to be more. The argument is that AI will make man lazy and reduce humans to dummies. Below are arguably some of the downsides of AI:

High cost

Automating a system requires hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, not all automation is very expensive. The high cost of automating a system or task has made using AI unattractive to some people. In reality, very few companies and individuals can afford AI technology.

No creativity

AI is programmed to carry out a particular task. In some peculiar situations, AI may not be creative because it may not have been programmed to carry out such tasks.


Undoubtedly, AI has come to stay because it is currently being used in some critical areas of life, including medicine. For example, the manufacturing industry has embraced AI more than anywhere else. Finally, freelancers especially writers have started embracing AI too. A GPTWriter can earn more than $1,000 in a week because they are faster.

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