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How Do You Prove Wrongful Death?

The burden a family has to live with knowing that their loved one could have been saved if the party at fault wasn’t negligent is unimaginable. However, some credible lawyers can help you seek justice in cases related to wrongful death. To gain more information and clarify doubts about succeeding in such lawsuits, you can go to Francis Firm’s webpage and get a case evaluation done by experienced attorneys.

Proving a wrongful death is not very tough. The plaintiff must show the jury that negligence is the sole reason behind this tragic incident. 

What is a Wrongful Death Case? 

A wrongful death case is not a murder, and the plaintiff’s family does not file a lawsuit to put the defendant behind bars. This trial seeks to reach a settlement and receive a rightful claim. It is easier to win this case when the deceased was the family’s sole earner. Because of the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff’s family has to suffer financial and emotional losses.  

You can file this type of legal case if you are the partner, child, or someone dependent on the deceased. However, ensure that the defendant must be more than 50% responsible for this unfortunate event.

Elements to prove to win a wrongful death case

It is easy to turn the case in your favor if your attorney successfully establishes the following elements of neglectfulness.

  • Responsibilities: Every person owes an obligation to others. All wrongful death cases include a person who violated their duties, resulting in a fatal incident.
  • Violation: The violation of duties means that the defendant has violated the obligations or responsibility they owed to the decedent. This action shows the malicious intent of the defendant that can cause fatal danger to others in the future. 
  • Causation: Causation means that the defendant contributed directly or indirectly to the death. This tragic incident could have been avoided if the defendant had not breached or violated their responsibilities. To prove this element, an attorney can rely on the physical medical reports and eyewitnesses to explain the entire event and how the defendant could have avoided this wrongful death.
  • Sufferings: All the sufferings that the plaintiff and the family have to go through like funeral costs, loss of earnings, emotional damage, loss of the consortium, etc., the neglect of the defendant caused these financial and emotional damages. The attorney has to prove the financial setback the decedent’s family has to go through and thus deserves a claim.

Causes of wrongful civil deaths

Several actions can lead to wrongful deaths. Some have been listed below.

  • Injuries caused by the hospital staff at the time of birth
  • Death caused by the medicinal error
  • Auto accidents cause deaths.
  • Death caused by the hazardous workstation
  • Expiry or defects in a product
  • Neglect at adult care, daycare, and field trips
  • Negligence at assisted nursing home facilities
  • All the violent activities that caused the death of innocents

Such lawsuits are complicated and require experienced attorneys to understand, collect evidence and present it appropriately in court. You can go to Francis Firm’s webpage for more information. One needs to consult a specialist who is into this profession for years and knows how to win the claims to support the deceased’s family. 


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