How do you get skins in CSGO?

skins in CSGO

There are some pretty safe ways to get the coolest skins, and one of them is websites for opening cases. Everything is simple: you replenish your account, open cases, and get an item that drops out in random order.

But you should keep in mind that you can only get good skin using a reliable, trusted website. Otherwise, you can lose your money and Steam account.  

For example, here, you will be offered a huge collection of cases with really unique skins and loyal prices for opening cases. Moreover, the site uses a proven and reliable algorithm that has already been appreciated by almost 5,000 users.

Now we will share with you the most popular ways to get CS: GO skins!

Win skins on websites

This is quite a viable way to win some good skins. Interestingly, you can place bets on gambling websites using both your money and the skins from your inventory you don’t need anymore.

Remember to find out what withdrawal options the website offers, as well as which payment services it works with. Also, it’s a good idea to find out more about personal data protection, since there are many fraudulent CSGO roulette websites that promise incredible winnings, but in fact, they can take over your Steam profile and all the skins you have in your game inventory.

Complete different tasks

There are websites or applications that allow you to get rewards by completing various simple tasks.

It can be watching videos, testing software, taking paid surveys, and more. Once you’ve earned enough points by completing these tasks, you can spend them to get something like a gift card, coupon, or free CS: GO skins.

Take part in giveaways

To attract attention, some sites or teams arrange so-called giveaways or raffles of skins. Check out various specialized resources or social networks to find one that suits you best.

You will need to find someone who is ready to play at the moment, and then complete some tasks, for example, like the post, repost a comment, or something like that.

Participate in tournaments

This is the most difficult option for CS: GO newcomers, but the value of the prize can be hundreds of dollars!

To do this, you need to find an amateur tournament where people give valuable skins as prizes, get your team ready and be successful at the event.

Trade the items you don’t need

By playing CS: GO for some time, you will anyway get a few dozen cheap skins. Then, you can exchange all of them for a special skin you really want to get.

You can sell the items on Steam and buy the item you need for this money. Then, you can keep playing, increasing the value of your inventory.

Just play CS: GO on official servers

Once a week, each gamer is guaranteed to receive a free skin at the end of one of the matches. In this case, you do not even need to jump through hoops. Regardless of the number of hours played and your win rate, Valve gives out gifts, but only one skin per hand.

Unfortunately, the chances of getting rare skin as a result of a random drop are quite low. You can wait for a secret or contraband skin to drop out for years!

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